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Hi guys I am Desiree and today we are going to do the top 25 Italian phrases
that means useful words in Italian.
Ciao. Hello. Ciao is the first word and it’s a really
useful word because you can use that to your friends to say Ciao. Ciao. but not to people
that you don’t really know.
Buongiorno. Good morning. Buongiorno. that means good morning and you
can use it with friends or even with people that you don’t know. So Buongiorno.Buongiorno.
and people can even answer to you back Ciao. that is okay but use Buongiorno. with everyone
and you will be safe.
Buonanotte. Goodnight Buonanotte So goodnight, you can use it of
course in the night but it’s a word that we don’t really use to people that we don’t
know. So it’s like Ciao. If people say to you Ciao to say bye, you can answer Buonanotte
but just if you know that they are really going to bed. Otherwise it’s good evening.
So Buonasera!
Sono (Desiree) I am Desiree. Sono, that means I am. You can use it with
your nationality. So I am Italian Sono italiana. or with your name, I am Desiree Sono desiree.
Mi chiamo (Desiree). My name is Desiree. Mi chiamo Desiree. means my name is Desiree.
And you can use that to introduce yourself to people that you may know that you don’t
know. It’s okay because it’s formal and informal at the same time, it’s okay. Mi chiamo Desiree.
Come ti chiami? what’s your name Come ti chiami? so what’s your name Mi chiamo
Desiree. (Tu) come ti chiami?
Piacere di conoscerti. Nice to meet you. You would always use Piacere di conoscerti.
Come stai? How are you? Come stai? that means how are you but it’s
something that you use with your friends, not really with people that you don’t know
because in that case, it would be something like Come sta?
Bene, grazie. E tu?I am fine thanks and you. Bene, grazie. E tu? That means fine, thanks
and you.
Per favore, please. Then we have a really useful word that is
Per favore. that means please. So you can put it at the end of any phrase and it will
give you a nice way of asking even if you don’t know how to say may or can, just add
Per favore and it will help you.
Grazie. Thank you And to say thank you, you will say Grazie.
Prego. you are welcome And to answer you are welcome, you have Prego.
So if you ask something and add Per favore at the end and then the people will do something,
you can say Grazie and the other one will answer Prego.
Sì. Yes. Sì that means yes, of course it’s really
useful because Vuoi mangiare qualcosa? would you like something to eat sì yes.
No. No. And if you manage to say no because it’s
hard to say no to an Italian offering you some food, then you can say no but it’s
the same Italian and English no
Va bene. okay. Then we have Va bene. that means okay. So
again when people ask you, do you want this? You can say Va bene. so it’s okay.
Scusi. Excuse me. Scusi. which means excuse me but to people
that you don’t really know. So it would be like excuse me, do you know where the station
is Scusa, sa dov'è la stazione?
Scusa. I am sorry. If you know the people you are talking to,
you should use Scusa which means I am sorry.
Che ora è? what time is it? Che ora è? which means what time is it. You
can use it in a formal or informal way. It’s the same. So you can say Scusa Che ora è?
or Scusi, che ora è? . It’s the same.
Dov'è la stazione? Where is the station? When you want to know where some place is,
so where is location, you will say Dov'è la stazione? that is for example, the station.
Posso usare il bagno? May I use the restroom? When you need to ask permission for something,
you will use the word Posso? which means can I. So in this case, Posso usare il bagno?
can I use the toilet and I would add please. So per favore? And the answer would be yes,
sure sì , prego. Grazie!
Vorrei (qualcosa da mangiare) I would like something to eat.
When you need something, you can use the word vorrei which means I would like to. So vorrei
mangiare I would like to eat vorrei bere I would like to drink vorrei dormire I would
like to sleep. We can go on forever but still vorrei and then add the verb that you need.
Posso avere il conto? Can I get the check? When you finish to eat and you want the check,
you can say Posso avere il conto? that means can I have the check and if you want to be
more polite, you can say Posso avere il conto, per favore? that means can I have the check
A presto. See you soon. When you say bye to your friends and you don’t really know when
you are going to meet them again, you will say A presto. that means see you soon.
A dopo. See you later. If you know that you are going to meet them
later on, you can say A dopo. that means see you later.
Dove posso mangiare (la pizza)? That means where can I eat a pizza.
If you really want to know where you can eat a good pizza, you can add buon that means
good. So it will be Dove posso mangiare una buona pizza?
of course, you cannot use pizza but another type of food that you really want to eat and
that would be maybe Lasagna or maybe Gelato. So you can say Dove posso mangiare un buon
gelato? or Dove posso mangiare una buona lasagna?. We learned how to ask how are you and to answer
I am fine, thanks but what about if you are not really fine. So you can say Cosi cosi
that means more or less or Male that means bad, really bad. Guys, that’s it for today.
We finished the top 25 Italian phrases and which one was your favorite one?
Mine is Cosi cosi that if you remember, it means umm not so well, but anyway remember to subscribe. Bye bye!
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Learn the Top 25 Must-Know Italian Phrases!

132 Folder Collection
Carol published on November 27, 2016
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