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  • Well... what do I... kind of do it

  • But I...

  • Gently, gently... – Gently

  • I don't have my glasses on!

  • – I am going to bring out the wand nowRight, wow

  • This is the Newt Scamander wand

  • Eddie, you need to show me how to hold it

  • But I will tell you, we gave it to Daniel Radcliffe recently

  • Right

  • He didn't like your wand

  • Nooooo!

  • How does this compare to your wand on Harry Potter?

  • What a question!

  • This seems a little bit smoother

  • And... I don't know what I feel about this silver bit at the end

  • Yeah, it's a bit flashy, isn't it

  • Listen, obviously, he's jealous

  • That's heartbreakingDan!

  • Literally, heartbroken

  • We all get attached to our own wands

  • I think probably... it didn't suit him

  • Yeah, what I mean Harry did have a... Dan did have a great wand

  • I kind of love my wand for my own specific reason

  • Like, it's made of shell, there's a bit of mother of pearl

  • He didn't like the kind of metal, shiny bit

  • Oh did he think it was a bit ostentatious?

  • Yeah, I prefer mine

  • Mine was more sort of rough-hewned from a tree

  • Yeah, what is this?

  • What is this, IKEA?!

  • All right Dan, it's mother of pearl, it's nothing too sparkly

  • I'm not getting all like- "bling" on your wand

  • And then it's made of wood

  • It's got a few marks on it from use out in the wild

  • -It's scuffed up. – I love your one Eddie

  • What's the best way to hold it?

  • The best way?

  • Well, when I first got it, I was so excited for fulfilling that childhood dream

  • And then I put it in my hand and I got complete stage fright

  • Like what, how do I do it

  • But I, I kind of...

  • Gently, gently

  • I don't have my glasses on!

  • I gently got into it

  • It took a while

  • We had one work lesson, didn't we?

  • Oh my goodness

  • The first day that I held the wand, I felt ridiculous

  • And then you know, you stick with it

  • And then you start to really want to do spells

  • I remember there was one moment, because I have a case in the other hand

  • for most of the film

  • There's a moment where I have to look after this egg

  • And I did this

  • And I was in a sort of, committee meeting about whether that was..

  • Are you allowed to put that wand in your mouth?!

  • You said, blowing your face off...

  • You just broke it!

  • Exactly, so...

  • It was permitted.

Well... what do I... kind of do it

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Daniel Radcliffe attacks Eddie Redmayne's wand!

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    Charo Wen posted on 2016/11/26
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