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Top 10 New Features in Halo 5: Guardians
Three years after the return of Master Chief in Halo 4, Xbox gamers are ramping up for
343's second addition to the Halo series. Welcome to the skilled channel and today we're
looking at Halo 5. The Didact may have been defeated, but we know Covenant rebels and
Promethean warriors are teaming up for something that can't be good � and Chief has gone
missing, along with the remaining Spartan II's of Blue Team. It's up to Fireteam Osiris
to track down the UNSC's hero, but both teams are in for plenty of plot twists. Meanwhile,
the Halo multiplayer experience has doubled-down on previous successes and taken inspiration
from other gaming franchises. Are you excited yet? Here's the top 10 new features we're
most looking forward to:
No. 10: Master Chief's Fireteam. We know he's a hero who can do it all alone, but sometimes
it's nice to have him work with people who aren't going to get eaten by the Flood or
blasted away by the latest Forerunner assault working alongside you. And with this being
our first real post-Cortana experience with the Chief, we'll get to see how he develops
as both a person and a soldier in his tactics while working alongside Blue Team. This will
be the first time players consistently get to be Master Chief and work in a team setting
with the same squadmates. Might come in handy when deciding to play through a mission on
legendary...except they can actually get taken out and you'll have revive them, bringing
us to the next point.
No. 9: Revives. Similar to what many Destiny players know, if you or your teammates take
too damage damage, there is now a small window of opportunity to revive them and get that
firepower back in the battle immediately. There is still the ability to respawn teammates
while hiding in a safe location just like previous Halo titles, but the ability to revive
downed squadmates brings a risk and reward scenario into each battle that may determine
if you end up relying on that last checkpoint you passed five minutes ago.
No. 8: Infinite sprint. If you just said �Finally� when you heard about sprinting, then you're
not alone. Halo 5 is the first in the franchise to make it standard instead of a limited ability
or being unable to sprint at all. Games in general have made this an expected feature,
with Call of Duty leading the way, and Halo 5 delivers on this expectation. One catch,
though: Your shields won't recharge while you sprint, so you'll have to be able to run
and hide to get your defenses back up.
No. 7: New thruster packs. It looks like these packs may be standard in arena modes, but
now instead of providing just an extra boost in the air, they can also push you side-to-side
to give you more lateral ability. If you're looking to make any sort of assault, then
quickly tap-dancing your way past enemy fire using these boosters will make your day.
No. 6: Four-player co-op. Following in the footsteps of rival Call of Duty, for the first
time you'll be able to take on the campaign with three of your best friends at once via
Xbox Live. But as Josh Holmes, 343's Studio Head noted on his Halo: Waypoint developer's
blog, you don't need all three friends to play co-op. The campaign is built so each
of your three squadmates are AI-controlled, and replaced with friends whenever they jump
into your mission. Or jump out. 343 plans to have dedicated servers for these co-op
missions in an effort to create the smoothest experience possible. You'll always have four
active squad members and the mission can continue, even if one of your friend's connections drops
off in the middle.
No. 5: Two stories. Halo veterans have primarily enjoyed whatever crazy-odds endeavor Master
Chief is undertaking, but have also played in the shoes of the Arbiter and an ODST in
first-person experiences. While Halo 2 gave us a chance to play as another main character,
the newest installment will carry that theme throughout the campaign, providing a stark
difference from previous titles. Players work through the story of both Blue Team and Fireteam
Osiris in different missions. They'll go back and forth between the two squads while playing
through the campaign, providing two distinctly-different team and mission experiences within the same
overarching story until the story arcs come colliding together. If there's a potential
Spartan vs. Spartan throwdown waiting for us, then that only gets us more pumped to
find out what happens.
No. 4: Squad commands. Mass Effect and Ghost Recon may have showcased the art of putting
your squad in a position to succeed, but Halo 5 brings it to the forefront. Using real-time
commands allows you to send AI teammates to revive others, attack specific targets, move
into a particular area, and more. This represents a new set of tactics you can choose to take
advantage of while progressing through the campaign.
No. 3: Requisition cards. You know you were tired of camping where the Mantis would spawn
three minutes from now, hoping to hold out long enough to snatch it and turn the game
in your team's favor.
Now, you can bring in your own Mantis...or tank...or banshee....or even weapon of choice
once you do well enough on the battlefield to unlock the chance. Requisition card packs
will give you weapons and vehicles that you can summon from terminals within the game,
and you'll be able to bring them to the front lines once you've leveled your requisition
level within each individual game. The better you're doing in the match, the more options
you'll have available to call in. The best part is while someone is getting their first
sniper rifle, another could be firing up a rocket launcher or energy sword. It's all
up to each individual player's preferences and available cards at the unlocked requisition
level. The longer the game goes on, the stronger the weapons and vehicles you'll see, providing
a more intense experience as the match moves towards it's end.
Let's be honest, it's always an encouraging sign when the game devs � in this case,
Chris Lee, 343's Director of Production, says �No more fighting for that one spot on the
map where the scorpion tank spawns � now I bring my scorpion tank in with me in my
req collection.� There's more details on the making of Warzone on the Halo Waypoint
No. 2: Awesome beatdowns. Sure, it's nice sneaking up behind your buddy and cracking
his back while laughing, or shooting him a couple of times before smacking him down.
But now, you can ram a multiplayer opponent with Shoulder Charge � potentially one-shotting
him if he isn't paying attention � or pound the ever-loving crap out of him with Ground
Slam. You know you'll be smiling the first time your friends yells in surprise because
you took him out in style.
No. 1: Warzone. As 343 Industries' Creative Director Tim Longo says, Warzone, Halo 5's
brand new multiplayer experience, is aimed at combining all of the best aspects of Halo
into one arena. While there will still be your typical 4-on-4 showdowns in other playlists,
Warzone brings together an ultimate combination of player vs. player and player vs. environment
� at the same time. Featuring elements of Dominion, Slayer, Big Team Battle, and more,
this high-octane experience will give players a huge set of choices to make in how he or
she will contribute to the team. If you want to defend your base, you can. If you want
to wipe out the opposing team up front or from a sniping position, you can. If you want
to take down the AI bosses that spawn at various times, you can.
Did I say AI bosses? That's right, 343 has introduced an AI element that changes how
your team ratchets up it's score. Depending on the map and spawned characters, you can
get a score boost by taking the bosses out � but you'll be battling your live opponents
at the same time, providing even more chaos to the mix.
You even have new options when it comes to how you win, which can be achieved by the
usual first-to-one-thousand points via kills and bases, or by destroying the enemy team's
core � providing a way to win even if your team is outmatched on the kill-to-death ratios.
Just capture the three control points to expose the opposing team's core, take it out, and
victory is yours regardless of what the scoreboard says.
Outtro: With new game modes, weapons, campaign play, and ways to make your friends cry �uncle�
Halo 5 stands to make a mark on the Xbox One platform. We've never seen a franchise potentially
redefine itself so much from one game to the next, but Halo 5: Guardians may be just the
title to show us how it's done. And considering how much of success Halo 4 brought as 343's
first foray into our consoles, we can't wait for the next great game coming out in October.
What are your favorite features in Halo 5? Let us know in the comments and subscribe
to the skilled channel for more coverage on Halo and other cool action games.
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10 Exciting New Features In Halo 5 Guardians

332 Folder Collection
Mine Shi Lee published on November 26, 2016
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