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Okay, now that you have that video that you really want to promote and get more video
views but you donít know how to do it. Well today, Iím going to show you six things that
are super easy to get those video views on YouTube.
Iím probably safe to say that you're probably not going to have that next viral hit on YouTube.
Thatís okay. You truly want to just get as many views as you possibly can for your video
and Iím going to tell you three fundamental principles in getting those views and then
after that Iím going to show you the six steps.
Okay, number one fundamental principle. You need to have people find the video then, they
need to view it and they need to share it. Now thatís pretty simple, right? Well, guess
what? People struggle with that all the time. Now Iím going to give you the steps that
you need to do to accomplish these three principles and you can be successful in marketing that
Okay, are you ready to get those video views? Well the first thing that you need to do is
step #1. Search for the best title to use for your video. Let me show you an example
of this. Iím going to go and find a random video, "How To Make..." and Iím just going
to just look at something random here. Hey, a paper Ninja star! I always wanted to know
how to do that. Holy cow it is has 7 million views in 3 years! That is crazy! Now, what
weíll want to do is, how does this actually show up in google.
So letís go ahead to Google. And letís go ahead and search for that. And look, itís
the number one result and go from there. And so what we want to do is find out how many
people are actually searching for this phrase, ìHow to Make a Paper Ninja Starî and to
do that, we go to the Google Adwords, Keyword Tool. And you can see in the link below in
the description where thatís at. We are going to put our phrase in there and we are going
to go ahead and hit search. Now, weíre able to see that there is 18,100 people globally
that are looking for that search phrase. Now letís see the exact match. This is a very
important thing to do. Thereís only 8,100 people doing that. Now thereís two things
I always do. I always look in keyword ideas because there might be another keyword idea
that will get more video views than what we have, but this is looking really good.
And the Second thing that I always do is use Google insights for search. This tells me
the demographics, where the search is coming from. So letís go ahead and do that. And
I want to see where the search is coming from so weíll go ahead and hit the last 90 days
and you can see thatís itís all up and down, up and down, up and down. And then it drops
off. So letís see why it dropped off. On December 23rd, thereís only 5900 people that
search for that term that day. But then it drops to nothing because of the Christmas
break. December 25th to January 2nd when people started school again. And it starts to go
back up. The crazy thing about it is we know what type of people that are actually watching
this. Itís the kids in school. They do not, during their Christmas breaks, search for
it because their not bored. They are probably in class searching on their phone.
Okay, now we are going to move on to Step #2. Making a great description. Now weíll
go ahead and go back to our example here and this guy does a fairly decent job of a description.
The first thing that I would recommend to all my clients is to have a call to action.
The call to action should be at the top. This call to action will be seen in Google. So
itís very important that we have that URL or whatever it may be thatís there. The next
thing that we want to do is to make sure that the key phrase is in the description. Very
important to do that. And it should be a little closer to the top, maybe one other time during
middle and one at the end. But donít spam this. Please donít spam. You want to keep
it real. Make it like a Blog post, make it really interesting for your readers.
Now let me show you an example from one of my clients. Here is ThePianoGuys. Great, great
clients and they're very smart, they're really talented. You need to check out their video
and subscribe to their channel. You can see that they have the call to action for their
Lord of The Rings/The Hobbit video. They have different calls to actions and then they talk
about the behind the stories. Look guys, this is a blog post. Itís so cool. Now the cool
thing is. You notice right here, is they actually put the time stamp in there by just putting
the zero and then colon and then the number of where it is or 1 minute 48 seconds into
it and the video will automatically jump to that point in the video.
Now Step #3. We want to transcribe that video. Very important to do this. So the first thing
we are going to do is click on video manager in our channel. Go ahead and select the video
that we want to put that transcription in. Very, very important to come up here to the
top and hit captions and this is really, really cool. This is where you can actually upload
the transcription. And if you do not put a transcription here, YouTube has itís own
transcription way to bring in closed caption and it is horrible, so you want to transcribe
your own video. And I just did a text file and uploaded it. Itís very simple. You can
just go to your desktop and do that. And then once itís done, you can go ahead and click
on the video and you can see that it now brings the transcription in as he talks and itís
that closed captioning. This is very important for search. And also this is a great technique
if you go ahead and use that transcription, if your having a hard time coming up with
ideas, for your description, go ahead and use the transcription in the description.
Very powerful, especially for Google.
Step #4 is to customize that thumbnail, baby! You know itís important to get the right
image because that image will cause people to click. Now if you donít know how to customize
the thumbnail then look in the description below and I actually have a link to a video
that I created and I show you from start to finish on how to customize that thumbnail.
But this is what pulls people in, a title and the image is what pulls people in. Thereís
some great thumbnails out there and next time that you go on YouTube, look how your eyes
get pulled in to certain thumbnail images and youíll see how to customize that thumbnail.
Step #5. Putting in those annotations. Now, annotations are really easy, to know how to
do that, look in the description below and you can see a video of how I show you to put
an annotation in the video. But what an annotation is, is basically just some text that takes
you somewhere or is just text that pops up. And so here he is, he shows another video
of how to make a double sided Ninja star. You can click on that and it will actually
take you to another video. Increasing his views on his other video. Because this is
a hot video for him. And maybe he wants to get more traffic to that so he puts an annotation
in and gets people to engage there. Another last step and this guy does not do that, and
so if he was my client, I would tell him, he needs to do this. At the end of the video
you want to be able to have a place where you can showcase some videos and do something
funny here or whatever and have your subscribe link. This gets subscribers on that YouTube
Channel. The more subscribers that you have the more video views you have. Because once
you introduce people get notified that there is a video out and the views go up. It just
gets easier and easier to get those views.
Now the last step is the most important step. Step #6. Have great content that will engage
the viewer. This is extremely important and it doesnít matter what time of video it is
that youíre doing, if itís music, what we want to do is to have it be stunning music
with great videography, or if itís an informational video, we want to make sure it has great information
thatís there. What we want to do is to get people to engage, give thumbs up, thumbs down,
to share also to comment. And the great thing is once you have a great video that has great
content, it doesnít matter what it is, it will appeal to a certain market and that market
will share that video because itís good. And when itís good, youíll get those video
Now I covered those 6 simple steps that you can do to get more video views and if youíll
do it, you will get more views. But if youíre really serious about getting a lot of views
on that video, Iíve personally put together a special 30 minute free video that you really
need to watch. Now in that video, I cover advanced video ranking strategies, how to
get your video found on Google, and other search engines, even how to convert that video
into dollars making you money on YouTube. Click the link below and get your free access
to that 30 minute free video.
After doing that training, I need to take a break. I got my piece of paper. I wonder
what I am going to do with that piece of paper. hmmm, I wonder what I am going to do...
I am Ninja!
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How To Get More Views On YouTube

5328 Folder Collection
English4Formosa published on June 5, 2013
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