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oh boy it's been a long day
Echo, Turn on the Bridge!
oh I'm just so tired today, Echo play me
some nice relaxing music... playing nice
relaxing music
Echo, where's my stuff? Shipping for
Daniel's order placed yesterday should
arrive Wednesday October 26th. Echo ask
Fit-Bit how many steps I have today! As of
1hour and 8 minutes ago
you've taken about 1,000 steps, you'll need
nine thousand more steps to hit your
goal today. How do you reach your daily
goal? One step at a time! :)
WHOA.. that means i need to get off my butt
and start moving again!
with the Amazon Echo Dot. Now this is the
second generation dot which is about half
the cost of the first generation model
that was released in March of this year.
For those of you don't know the Echo Dot
is a small voice controlled device that's
around the size of a hockey puck, you can
use this device to play music make to do
and shopping list control smart home
devices like your Thermostat, Lights and
even your outside water sprinkler system
and so much more.
There are 7 Far- Field microphones
that will hear you from across the room
even if you're in a noisy environment
for hands-free control. It also has its
own internal speaker but there is a
three-and-a-half millimeter jack that
will allow you to connect speakers of
your choice to the device. "Big Note" this
is a standalone unit so the original
Amazon Echo is not required.
i'm going to cover my top 5 features of
this second-generation Amazon Echo Dot.
#1 It's much cheaper coming in
with a price tag of 49.99 which is around
thirty dollars cheaper than his
predecessor. #2 There are now two
colors to choose from black or white.
#3 Four buttons on the top
including the volume buttons
mute and action button. #4 This
model is close to two inches shorter due
to the exclusion of the volume ring and
Echo Spatial Perception -This means if two
echo dots are in the same general area
one you're closest to will respond to
your inquiry. Now is it worth it to upgrade?
Well if you already have the other
Amazon voice control items in your home
probably not unless you want to add a
few more to your setup. If you've never
purchased one before definitely scoop
one up and by the way they come in
several different packages.
Let's check it out! Now on the Amazon
website of course you can get either the
black or white Echo Dot 2 for $49.99. Now
all the following packages include the
second generation Dot. Alright so for $213.99
you can get
either the Carbon or Pearl Bose
Sound-link package. You can get the
Philips Hue Starter Kit for $99.99 the
TP-Link smart plug for $69.99 or the Ecobee3
Smart Thermostat for $249.99
Plus there are two other sweet deals
here if you buy the Echo Dot 6-Pack you
get a free Dot and if you buy the Echo Dot
12-Pack you get two free Dots. Setup is
very easy once you power up the device
the rest is done on your Smartphone. I'm
giving this item the Techfit360 around
the world and back
thumbs up! Now go ahead and place your
order all the links are in my
description right now. If you've enjoyed
today's video hit that like button, share
it with your family and friends and be
sure to subscribe to the TechFit360 YT
channel that's "YT" channel not "Whitey" channel
YouTube if you will! I'm Dan and I
will see you in my very next video:-)
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Echo Dot 2 Review - Top 5 Features

176 Folder Collection
alex published on November 19, 2016
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