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  • You work at the glasshouse laundry?

  • I was born there.

  • Part-time washer at seven,

  • full-time from when I was 12.

  • What would the vote mean to you?

  • Votes for women. The power is in your hands.

  • No one cares, love.

  • Some of us do, so shut your bleeding cake-hole!

  • All my life I've been respectful

  • Done what men told me.

  • You're a wife. My wife. That's what you're meant to be.

  • Well, I can't have that anymore.

  • Never underestimate the power we women have

  • to define our own destinies.

  • We have been left with no alternative.

  • Defy this government!

  • Votes for women!

  • We shall cut into the heart of communications.

  • My job is to enforce the law.

  • The law means nothing to me. I've had no say in making the law.

  • We have reached a state of anarchy we can no longer ignore.

  • Punish those responsible whatever way you can.

  • - We will stop you. - What are you gonna do?

  • Lock us all up?

  • We're in every home, we're half the human race.

  • You can't stop us all.

  • We do not want to be lawbreakers.

  • We want to be lawmakers!

  • The only way is forward.

  • I'm worth no more, no less than you.

  • We will win.

  • Never surrender.

  • Never give up the fight.

You work at the glasshouse laundry?

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