B1 Intermediate US 426 Folder Collection
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Stuff and Things
Uhhhh... Pick my mid champion.
Oh man, we didn't get it, but - Zed! Zed! Zed!
OH! Championship Zed!
Let's go, dude.
Yo, what's going on with Lee?
Yeah nice barrier, lol. Kappa.
What do you mean!?
Mike, I'm literally the most unlucky player on this planet.
You know, I have a lot of youtube comments,
like every time I make a youtube video now with you,
They all say wow, Nightblue is really mean, I would hate to have him as a friend.
Like Mike shouldn't have to deal with this.
[Mike] Huh, really?
Like they don't even know dude, that your 69 stands for how many accounts you've been banned
because of how toxic you are.
They don't even know dude, they don't even know.
And I'm like, what do you - what do you mean? He... he bullies me!
Yo, if I get hit by one more of those.
Yo, the "W" looks so sick.
"I want to KMS, I need help please."
Mike, did you just hear what I said?
[Mike] No, what happened?
Am I a terrible person dude?
[Mike] What happened!? Someone said I want to KMS, and I said "Just do it."
[Mike] I mean...
Oh my gosh, yo, this skin is sick guys!
Honestly, limited time only, you should all buy the Zed Championship skin
because, y'know, I'm definitely not getting paid by Riot to say any of this...
but it's just a really cool skin!
I love doing that.
oh you're going to give me blue?
Oh, you're sick, dude! I love this guy!
This guy is going to give me blue.
what do you mean you don't know why check out my score dude
1 and 11, 111
what oijijois that back animation
oh tjijoijoat isioijiojoi god-like
kreygasm i live need to go change
listen listen I'm gonna show you what it
means to be ok alright obviously a look
at this
what do you mean?
fine fine
what do you mean don't get up ok ok that
was three the worst thing I've ever done
in my life holy aside insist
holy bat wait hold on cancel and yeah
yeah check it out boys and grils oh ho
let's go back home to whether mr.
no I'm okay with that though if I guy up
oh yeah we can find that and you guys
engaged oh there we go got him got him
yeah I know mr I think that's why I'm
also like having trouble scoring because
I've known mark he's likes all mixed
area that was a grill
why not just any grill yet he's mix I'm
not just any girl dude i am an enemy
grill we go here we go again I'm here
I'm here
let's do it I have no fear because I
just I'm gonna know this guy hi guy
you've got little behind you
we're behind me like right there you ok
do this all get a towel to it we can do
all right here get up all music decided
assistance i'm out in I'm so
oh no God Boston hanging man everybody
who's dying design is that we are
actually gonna water done a little deep
there's a little deep turn up for what
is this
hold on a key point is that i am showing
word right down there is also old this
much Andy you want to have someone like
per second squared away for 20 minutes
you know what I mean
I going to school dude
is that good enough for you was that
good enough for you go to school do you
go get edumacated get out of here
Jeff saddle i can only tell you I mean I
am Italian
really yeah super sunday fun day miss
meadow and get to it from Italy speech
don't speak Italian don't know any words
in Italian no i wasn't not like off your
the most failed italian I know
wait you know you know anything from
your culture
dude I know everything alright you know
from sorry my people in Mars I know
everything haha you use one that
yeah I have a this people will be one
that click it's fine
okay i'm going to use anything
filmmaker maybe earlier that mark ryan
only good-looking about Franco why was
la mano figure is with the fight without
me and I'm holding you guys back from
greatness going on what's going on here
I feel like it like every time just not
here you guys you guys do incredible
things like every time you're getting
you're getting all kinds of that things
did all the bad things are happening to
you right now you guys get our so right
now we got one might get to probably get
to it
ok ok I know numbers like that I respect
ok ok and
naruto rod I must save the hidden leaf
but nope no my canon y'all it's pretty
good record all
no way
oh my mistakes were made dude what are
you doing
I don't know why did you just think you
could fire room regiment go ahead but
there's my ninja way and she smiley face
you out here is that mind going in on
that elder wait wait seconds eight
seconds my feet I seven six five four
stop attacking my yes we have to deal
with on a daily basis have to do with
these boosted bonobos was like break or
do you have much uncle
yes i did . broken all the pieces are
pressing on my buds
I won't make it to you is my ninja way
okay maybe it's not he'll give you up so
bed like look at me all the Apple Oh
teamwork makes the dreamwork oh really .
i was watching me watching I'm watching
you within whoa all nice exhaust not
really really nice exhaust as a the
turtle exhaust
oh I missed okay yeah i kinda i kind of
am here because you smiley-faced mean I
was okay right
yeah that's one she smiling face media
give me a smile that's what happens to
be a smiley face so why do you want to
say they're so you wanna come yeah my
parents not up for a while . 50 seconds
I'm gonna stay up there though I think
we can get this dude i'm loving the skin
what used to be the skin well I just out
rendered this might please help me this
lighthouse kindergarten I really like
that's going to happen and it's my
supposed to do you rent for like 3k I
don't know
yeah that's gonna go peacefully i don't
know it's pretty neat what they did with
a 2 w's and he's really 521 80 Mike what
happens when you subtract a hundred from
that quarter on it
no bike what are you at North American
education its 421 sorry actually first
time seeing the machinations it's always
a great screenshot okay listen to that
is not true
you are trying to trigger me and
honestly I'm feeling a little interval
Walker mounted I'm feeling a little
pocket not gonna find out here
I know
he's getting
all real dude the altie and I'm like all
can flush away the flashback flashback
but it's ok check that out check out the
you may have dealt with the set but you
forgot about that Alou who owns i salute
on in his room
Oh for a game didn't feel like I had a
great a g-man I still want to see the
damage i think the best I think you
cared what was that whole kind of all
iana we're probably on his head
I don't oh it's the right fist bump
how do you do that you probably need the
item that makes you do this like what
item for the filling in your account
wait there's another one on my call the
right to have all these aren't words
those things
oh those are the powers are key Seattle
Simone as a magnetic to cut the last
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426 Folder Collection
thh4high published on November 19, 2016
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