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November 17 is in the books here, on Walls Sreet.
Here's the New York Minutes.
It's the resumption of the trends we see, since Donald Trumps's great election victory last week.
As you can see, the S&P 500 is now almost back to the old time high and sets back in it somewhere.
Meanwhile, the bond set off also continues. As you can see, the yield on the 10-year Treasury is up to its highest of the year.
It was very briefly early this week, slightly higher at 2.3%.
Obviously there are risks that it can now go very much higher, as tech traders take note of technical position.
When it comes to the dollar, that strength also continues. Compare to the euro,
you can see that the euro did enjoy quite a recovery early this year.
That has been totally cancelled out by renewed dollar strength this week.
We are back on yield in higher rates.
What lies behind the stock market's strength with almost entirely bank's stop was benefited from most high rates,
Take a look at the banks' index, you can see it's enjoying a remarkable positive revaluation since the election.
It's not Mr. Trump suppose to be rooting for, but it's what they've got.
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Banking on Trump

35 Folder Collection
Angel Cheng published on November 18, 2016    Angel Cheng translated    Hsin reviewed
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