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(speaking backwards)
- The concept of time travel
is something that has always fascinated people.
The idea of going back in time to witness an event,
or, more controversially, to change an event,
has intrigued us, especially through its representation
in popular culture and entertainment.
Even science has suggested
that time travel is theoretically possible,
but what if I told you that there
are some events that have occurred
that suggest that it may have already happened?
The following documented events
show what some believe to be evidence of time travel,
from people who were caught on camera with futuristic tech
to occurrences of impossible foresight,
these are 10 pieces of evidence that time travel may exist.
Number one is the Charlie Chaplin time traveler.
In 1928, Charlie Chaplin's film The Circus
premiered at Grauman's Chinese Theatre
in Hollywood, California.
The event was, of course, filmed
and, decades later, was featured as bonus material
on the DVD version of the movie.
However, the sharp eyes of some
noticed something very odd in one clip from the movie.
In a crowd of people outside the theater,
there's a woman in the background
who appears to be holding
what looks like a mobile phone up to her ear.
Now, keep in mind that the mobile phone
was not invented until 1973.
Some people have developed a simple solution,
that clearly this was an old-fashioned hearing aid.
However, theorists argue that if that were so,
why would she be using it in a noisy crowd of people?
Instead, they offer a different explanation,
that she might actually be a time traveler
attempting to see the famous Charlie Chaplin in person.
Despite all of the scrutiny over this clip online,
the woman's identity was never discovered.
Number two is stock trading from the future.
In 2003, a man named Andrew Carlssin
seemed to come out of nowhere
to make a series of extremely high risk stock trades.
After executing a total of 120 trades,
he netted $350 million,
an unprecedented amount
for even the most seasoned stock trader,
especially in such a short amount of time.
People began to find to about this
and were absolutely baffled as to how he did it.
So much so that people actually began attributing it
to insider trading.
This drew a lot of attention,
and the police actually ended up arresting Carlssin
on that assumption.
However, Carlssin denied the accusation,
instead offering what he adamantly claimed to be the truth:
that he was from the future.
Openly admitting to be a time traveler from the year 2256
seemed to be a cheap cop-out,
or, for that matter, an insane one,
but given his lack of experience in trading
and the lack of apparent information available to him,
it didn't make sense that he would be able
to make such trades.
People to this day are still baffled as to how he did this,
which has led many to believe that he was,
in fact, from the future.
Number three is the time traveling air marshal.
Sir Robert Victor Goddard was a respected air marshal
in the Royal Air Force in 1935.
Considered a highly intelligent and trustworthy man,
it came as a shock to many when he openly claimed
that he had accidentally traveled through time.
While flying his plain near Edinburgh, Scotland,
Goddard was caught in a rain storm that he claims
suddenly changed to sunlight.
The air strip that he had taken off from
changed from being run down to what he described
as a fully functioning air field
with men in blue uniforms working on yellow planes.
He claims that the rain suddenly returned
and he then arrived back at the base,
where he was laughed at upon telling his story to his peers.
Now, this story sounded like the ramblings
of a confused man to many for years.
That was, until just four years later,
when that same air field was fully restored,
complete with yellow planes
and men working in blue uniforms.
Number four is the tiny Swiss watch in an ancient tomb.
In December of 2008, the 400-year-old tomb of Si Qing
was discovered in the Shangsi county of China.
However, upon inspecting the outside of the coffin,
archaeologists discovered something very odd.
Encased in centuries-old dirt
was a tiny piece of golden metal
that was in the shape of what appeared to be a wristwatch.
Engraved on the back of the timepiece was the word Swiss
with the time frozen at 10:06.
How is it possible that a tomb sealed for 400 years,
dating all the way back to the Ming dynasty,
had come to hold an artifact
that could have only been created
after the establishment of present-day Switzerland?
Perhaps out of fear, or sheer skepticism,
some have called this out as a hoax
or, for that matter, Photoshop.
However, those who believe state that this is proof
that time travel exists.
Number five is the modern man.
In the early 1940s, the South Forks Bridge
reopened in Gold Bridge, British Columbia.
Many photos were taken of the event to help commemorate it.
However, one photo stood out from the rest,
one that has been scrutinized for decades.
This photo appeared on the
Virtual Museum of Canada's website
and quickly made its way to a number of
time travel and conspiracy theorist websites.
It depicts a man in a T-shirt with a printed logo on it
as well as sunglasses, neither of which existed at the time,
making it impossible for them to exist in the 1940s.
But in addition, what's even more shocking,
is that if you look closely,
the man appears to be holding a modern-day DSLR camera.
Now, while researchers claim that he's simply
wearing a sweater with an emblem sewn on it
as well as, perhaps, custom-made sunglasses,
the appearance of the camera in his hand
remains a baffling mystery to all.
Number six is a cell phone in 1938.
In 2013, a black and white video from 1938 surfaced
of a group of women walking away from a building
that they had just exited.
The video was posted on YouTube
after the uploader noticed something very peculiar
with one of the clips.
One of the girls appears to be on a cell phone.
Again, the first cell phone call
did not occur until April 3rd, 1973,
so this technology simply just did not exist at the time.
While a few explanations have been given since the upload,
recently, an individual has come forward
claiming that the woman in the clip is, in fact,
their great-grandmother and that this is a cell phone,
but it's a pre-war prototype
developed by a communications factory.
The problem with this explanation, however,
is that the phone appears to be far too small for the time,
as even the very first cell phone that was ever created
was absolutely massive.
Theorists claim that this recent explanation is nonsense,
further proving some sort of a cover-up.
Number seven is the Philadelphia Experiment.
On October 28th, 1943, the United States naval military
performed an operation called the Philadelphia Experiment,
which many believe, to this day,
is the first time that time travel was performed
under controlled conditions.
The purpose of this venture
was to make the USS Eldridge completely invisible to radar,
effectively cloaking it by merging the fields
of electromagnetism and gravity into one field.
However, upon executing the experiment,
people claimed that the ship
vanished from sight in an instant,
only to reappear from its time warp
with an entire crew missing.
Upon coming out, this story was immediately denied
by the US Navy, claiming that it never happened,
establishing it as a hoax.
However, theorists claim that this,
also known as Project Rainbow, did in fact happen
and that this is just another conspiracy
swept under the rug by the US government.
Number eight is the Montauk Experiment.
The Philadelphia Experiment was not the only time
the United States government has been accused
of covering up time travel operations.
The Montauk Experiment originated
with the account of a man named Preston Nichols,
who claimed to have recovered repressed memories
of his own involvement in the program.
The program was created with the purpose
of exotic research in fields such as time travel,
teleportation, mind control, and contact with alien life.
It's believe that following the developments
of the successful 1943 Philadelphia Experiment,
the government began to research other fields
in addition to time travel, all under this program.
Interestingly, the Netflix series Stranger Things
was allegedly inspired by the Montauk Project,
and at one time, Montauk being used as its working title.
But, of course,
despite the popular belief that this occurred,
the government denies it entirely.
Number nine is the Large Hadron Collider
The Large Hadron Collider's existence is fact,
which sits nearly 175 meters beneath Switzerland,
but it's on this list for a different reason than the rest.
It is the largest and most complex machine ever built
with the purpose to allow physicists
to test different predictions.
In particular, to test the different theories
of particle physics, high energy physics,
and to answer the unsolved questions of physics
with the aim of advancing human understanding
of physical laws.
But there is talk that scientists
have discovered something else, the Higgs singlet,
a particle capable of bouncing around through time.
If that name sounds familiar to you,
it's because it's related to the Higgs boson,
also known as the God particle,
which has already been discovered
and can only be created using this machine.
Academics have already began theorizing
that this could be the one true beginning stage
of time travel.
Number 10 is the time traveling boxing fan.
A clip from a Mike Tyson 1995 boxing match
has become one of the most controversial clips
on the Internet.
This clip appears to show a spectator
standing in the front row
using a smartphone to record Mike Tyson
battling it out with Peter McNeeley in the ring.
The object looks just like a cell phone,
which would make perfect sense
if it weren't for the fact
that the first cell phone cameras
were not sold until 2000.
Now, some claim that this is simply
an early digital camera.
However, theorists state a valid point
when it comes to the device.
If you look closely, the device is vertical,
and as we all know,
digital photos are almost always taken horizontally,
and the vertical photo is almost exclusive
to the mobile phone.
People have compared this camera
to multiple early cameras at the time,
but still, no one can offer a definitive explanation
for this clip, and it continues to baffle
all of those who see it.
So, those were 10 pieces of evidence
that time travel may actually exist.
As per usual, I want to know from you guys in the comments,
what do you think of these clips?
Are any of them valid,
or do you think most of them are hoaxes?
As always, if you're subscribed to my channel,
don't forget to click the little notification bell
that's beside the subscribe button
so that you can enable notifications to be alerted
for the next time that I upload a video.
Thank you so much for watching,
and I will see you next time.
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10 Pieces of Evidence Time Travel May Exist!

417 Folder Collection
ktyvr258 published on November 15, 2016
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