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(No idea what NL do.)
Crystal:You guys are so weak!!
(Maple don't how to stand up in bubble)
(And his teammate just laugh at him)
Fuidwind think "Is it hard to stand up?"
Maple:I have been bumped all the time!
MMD:You guys give the ball, then I can get the chance to score.
Warhorse:But Maple said he could not find the ball!
(SwordArT, own goal!!)
(A breakdown SwordArT...)
MMD:So tired...
MMD:I get one more goal, we will win the game.
MMD:Leafs, ball!!
MMD:Let's play basketball!!
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FW|閃電狼運動會II:泡泡足球 番外篇|Behind the scenes: Sports Meet of Flash Wolves II

616 Folder Collection
孫苑琳 published on November 10, 2016
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