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Oh my god
Oh my god
I lost a sub! *laughs*
About to hit, very slowly, 49 million!
Oh my goddd
Alright, I'm going out for a quick run
I'm really excited to be uhh
finally working out, getting back on my schedule
Hopefully, I won't-
fall again, fucking hell man
(peaceful music plays)
I just realized how fucking stupid I just looked doing that
I'm not Casey Neistat
Let's just get that clear
Okay, so
Michael lives here somewhere
He's been taking this shirt game wayyy too seriously
He doesn't know I'm coming
So I'm trying to, sneak up on him
And see if he's wearing the shirt or not
It's really hard to spy on people
I can't see
I'm gonna get shot
Ahahaha, damn it you're wearing the shirt!
I just put it on
Oh fucking hell
(demoniac laugh)
Hey this place looks nice
Besides the Michael-ness
I'll see you later Michael
You little, Romanian
I will get you
Keep your blinds closed
I will get you, you-
(Pewdiepie trolling LOL )
Oh man, good exercise
Good shit
I don't know what to-
I'm not the one moving him, I swear to god
I just wanna be in the vlogs pewds
I love the vlogs! BIRDABO I'm a big subscriber
Big fan! I love it, I love-
Ken comes today, he's the guest for Scare Pewdiepie
Woops, spoilers
Oh my god, CinnamonToastKen
You can tell that I haven't- recorded a proper Pewdiepie video in a while
For fuck sake
I missed it!
That's more than you will ever get
Oh my god, thank you guys!
That's cray- that's crazy, we're going 50 million next
Something big is gonna happen on 50 million
Let me tell you
Thank you all so much for being subscribers
That's fucking awesome- I can't believe I missed it!
I was working on this stupid BIRDABO graph
I was like 'Does the colors have to be correct'
(nice music plays)
Alright, so now me and Marzia are going outside to have some lunch
And uh- Gabba
What are you doing?
Fucking weirdo
Look at Gabba, he's crazy, he's gone too far
(nice music playing)
alright, finding anything good?
Are you a nasty girl?
Where are we going now poods?
I don't know we'll do some shopping, i'm really tired
everyone is looking at me i realized i look really strange with this camera
(arabic music plays)
Hell yeah
This is my color
It's cool
I like it
Yea , i think i'll get it
Do it
Leave a comment if you like it
It won't matter because
I'm gonna buy it anyway
Alright i've got a lot of cool stuff
The problem is i can't wear any of it
because of stupid swedish thing
It's really hard
To wear the same shirt everyday
I didn't think it would be this hard
Especially i like dressing up that's the main thing i'm like
Brad and michael don't care because they are slobs alright
but i'm a fashion icon look at me
it's - why are you laughing?
(even more)
Do you like that?
I love them
I'll buy two
Actually i'll just buy one
i think someone is jealous of my new glasses
am i the jealous one?
Yeah you're jealous
Oh yea
(nice music playing)
Someone's at the door
Oh who is it by the door?
who is it
(i wonder)
(stranger Danger)
that was too sexy for the Pewdiepie channel
hey Ken
OH hey buddy hey i like your socks they're sexy
What do you think about my shirt Ken?
Is it Norway?
You F***ing B***h
So basically we have to wear these shirts
Every single day
Michael and Brad has one
But Michael is playing it so seriously
What's the point you gotta wear sweden shirts?
cause we are swedish boys in LA
But they're English, well brad is
Well they're my B****es
And we can F**k with the shirts see
they did this
They did this stupid penis thing
The thing is I can't F**k with their shirt directly
So you will have to F**k with their shirt
I'll pay you
so so it doesn't seem you're like a b***h
This the most money i've ever seen in one time
There ya go
When the time comes you will F**k with Michael's shirt
Whatever horrible s**t you can put on it, I want you to put on it
Oh well well well look who it is
well well well
why are you here
I payed Ken to compromise Michael's shirt because i'm tired of him taking it too serious
Listen, when the time comes -
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283 Folder Collection
盧怡婷 published on November 10, 2016
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