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  • As I have an engineering background,

  • I started programming with C, then I went to Matlab,

  • and eventually to Python.

  • I usually use Matlab, C, and C++,

  • but for data science I use Python.

  • - R and Python.

  • - R.

  • - I'm an R evangelist.

  • I was at the useR Conference last year

  • and I think it's got one of the best communities,

  • I'm also very fond of SQL and I think people don't spend

  • enough time appreciating it in its various incarnations.

  • - I primarily work with R and Stata.

  • I do not work a lot with big data so for the kind

  • of data sets I have, there are a few million observations,

  • even the hundreds of millions of observations

  • then I can work with with the existing Stata and R and SPSS,

  • I don't have a problem with it,

  • but as I said, if I were to work with large data sets,

  • I would use different tools.

  • My preferred tools are the three; R, Stata, and SPSS.

  • I also work with spacial data a lot

  • so these are data sets which have a geographical

  • component to it, so imagine 40 million Californians

  • and 40 million people, some of them in California,

  • some of them in the neighboring states,

  • and what if I know the exact home address

  • of each and everyone of them and where they work.

  • And that would be an amazing GIS,

  • spacial geographic information systems database.

  • So I work with those as well and my tool that I use

  • is called Maptitude and MapInfo,

  • these are the two I use the most.

As I have an engineering background,

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R versus Python [Data Science 101]

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