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  • Can we choose to be born?

  • Or are we fitted to the times we're born into?

  • We begin with equality.

  • That's the origin, isn't it?

  • That is justice.

  • See we've shown that if people can endure awful sacrifice and yet cohere.

  • Shall we stop this bleeding?

  • Abolishing slavery settles the fate for millions now in bondage

  • and unborn millions to come.

  • It's either the Amendment or this Confederate peace.

  • You cannot have both.

  • No one has ever been loved so much by the people.

  • Don't waste that power.

  • How many hundreds of thousands have died in your administration?

  • We must cure ourselves of slavery.

  • This Amendment is the cure!

  • God help us for trapping you in a marriage that only has given you grief!

  • The fate of human dignity is in our hands!

  • Blood's been spilled to afford us this moment

  • now, now, now!

  • Never trust the President, never trust anyone.

  • The war will be over in a month!

  • Tell Lincoln to deny the rumors.

  • We are guaranteed to lose he whole thing!

  • Leave the Constitution alone!

  • You insult God!

  • You think that will keep the policy?

  • I am the President of the United States of America clothed in immense power!

Can we choose to be born?

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