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- You know I assure you if there was
a number 11 to this list that would be
the basement of my apartment building.
Looks like something straight out of the movie Saw.
So I'm a pretty big fan of horror movies
especially ones that are based on real life events
because it gives the illusion
that what I'm watching actually happened.
But sometimes just as interesting as the story itself
is the location where the story took place.
And believe it or not there are some places
that exist right now in real life
that make the locations of some horror movies
just look like the care bears kingdom.
So in an attempt to make you lose some sleep tonight
I gathered the most unnerving ones
to share with you guys.
So here they are the 10 creepiest places on Earth.
Number one is the Island of the Dolls.
Located in a swamp in the middle of Aztec country, Mexico,
this old abandoned island was once occupied
by a single inhabitant named Don Julian Santana Barrera.
The legend says that a small girl drowned near the island
after which dolls began floating in the water.
Like a sane person Barrera collected all of the dolls
that appeared in the water over 50 years
and scattered them all over the island.
The dolls are still there today
making it a popular tourist attraction.
But seriously why would anybody
go there especially on vacation?
Hmm I could to Italy for some delicious food,
Cuba for some warmth and sunshine,
or the Island of the Dolls for everlasting nightmares.
Number two is the Aokigahara Forest.
At the base of Mount Fuji in Japan
is a woodland known as Suicide Forest.
In the last 50 years more than 500 people
have taken their lives here.
Not only will you find nooses, bodies, and bones here
but you'll also find signs with messages like
"Life is a precious thing please reconsider
"and think of your family."
What's especially disturbing is it's
become popular for scavengers to enter the forest
in hopes of looting dead bodies.
Really though, are ya that hard up for cash?
This is, you know, just a thought,
but how about instead of scouring Suicide Forest
for freshly hung bodies to loot
that you go get a job and contribute something to society?
Okay, thanks psycho.
Number three is Lome's Voodoo Market.
In the city of Lome in Togo, Western Africa,
there exists one of the largest markets
for voodoo paraphernalia in the world.
Here you can find all of your voodoo needs
from talismans to fetishes to piles upon piles
of animal skulls including monkeys, vultures,
crocodiles, cats, owls, and snakes.
In western African voodoo they believe
that animal remains can protect you from evil and disease.
Me personally I don't really believe in voodoo
and I would certainly never use it to benefit myself.
(speaks in spooky foreign voice)
Number four is the Sedlec Ossuary.
Located in the Czech Republic this chapel
contains the remains of 70,000 people
arranged in bizarre artistic fashion
that's visited by over 200,000 tourists every single year.
Here you can find delightful pieces of furniture
like bone chandeliers, garlands made of skulls,
and lots of other stuff made of human remains.
Kind of like a hellish Ikea.
Welcome to hell!
Would you like a meatball for 99 cents?
Number five is the Stanley Hotel.
Found high atop the Colorado Rocky Mountains
this creepy hotel was the inspiration
for Stephen King's novel The Shining.
The entire place is said to be haunted, especially room 418.
You do not go in there.
Guests and staff have reported hearing children
playing in the corridors late at night
and piano music coming from the empty ballroom.
Listen I'm not afraid of many ghost stories
but I'm telling you I would never go there.
Literally all it would take is one kid
to look at me and be like.
And I would tip the (beep) out the door.
I wouldn't even bring my luggage.
Number six is the Bran Castle.
Located in Bran, Romania, on the border of Transylvania
this famous landmark is also known as Dracula's Castle.
The castle is known for its connections to Vlad the Impaler
who was the inspiration for the legend of Count Dracula.
In the market just outside of the castle
you can find all kinds of creepy stuff
like blood red wine, vampire masks, and even wooden stakes.
Once you're inside the castle you can find
winding spiral staircases, low cavernous doorways,
and of course, once bitten, eternal life.
No, but seriously though, the place is a big bag of creepy,
I would never go in there.
Number seven is the Village of Jatinga.
In north eastern India the small village of Jatinga
has a creepy secret: the birds there fall out of the sky
and die for no apparent reason.
But the really creepy part, it happens like clockwork
every September or October between 7 and 10 PM
and has done so for the lat 100 years.
And nobody knows what causes it not even scientists.
I really wouldn't want to visit let alone live in a place
where animals just spontaneously drop out of the sky.
It's like you're just enjoying your day
and all of a sudden (imitates bird noise)
just (beep) falling out of the sky, damn!
Number eight is Hashima Island.
Located in Japan just 15 kilometers from Nagasaki
this island is an undisturbed ghost town.
Once a forced labor camp during World War II
it became a coal mining facility that shut down
and all structures have remained there
untouched for the last 30 years.
The scenery looks like something out of an apocalyptic movie
with abandoned buildings
and wild foliage growing everywhere.
Only 10% of the island is open to the public
and it's only accessible 160 days of the year
due to harsh weather conditions.
Damn, why on earth would anybody want to visit this place?
Any one of these buildings is reason enough
to stay the hell away from this place.
Look's like Satan's toilet.
Number nine is the Winchester Mystery House.
In San Jose, California, there's a massive 160 room mansion
that's built like a haunted maze.
It has mile long hallways, countless hidden passages,
dead ends, doors that open up to nothing,
and staircases that lead to the ceiling.
It was built upon for 38 years by the owner Sarah Winchester
who was told by a medium that she was haunted
by the souls of the victims that were killed
by her family's rifles and the only way to make peace
with them is to build a house and never stop building.
Interestingly the reason that she built the house
like a maze was to confuse the ghosts that haunted her.
Ahh, I'm no expert on the physics of ghosts or anything
but from the limited knowledge that I do have
from watching Bugs Bunny cartoons
I'm pretty sure that they can walk through walls.
You didn't really think this one through did you Sarah?
And finally number 10 Pripyat.
In northern Ukraine this abandoned city
once housed the workers and scientists
of the Chernobyl nuclear plant.
Among the desolated buildings is an entire amusement park
which just adds to the supreme creepiness of the city.
Despite being within the affected area of radiation
from the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986
the area has since been reopened to the public
since radiation levels have gone down significantly.
But seriously would anybody choose to go there?
I've seen The Hills Have Eyes,
after that I cannot recommend entering
an empty city that's been affected by nuclear radiation.
Unless of course you want to become dinner
for some mutant that looks like the brother
of Sloth from The Goonies.
Hey you guys!
And that's it, I hope you guys enjoyed this video.
I hope you don't get too bad of nightmares
cause damn these be some scary places.
If you wanna add me to Facebook and Twitter
the links to those will be in the description
along with all my other social networking sites.
And other than that I'll see you guys next Saturday
with a brand new video.
Hey guys thanks for watching my new video.
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I release a new video every Saturday.
And while you're at it maybe click the like button
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And definitely add me to Facebook and Twitter
cause, you know, we ain't gots to just talks on the YouTube,
we can talks outsides of YouTube.
I don't know why I'm talking like this.
I'm weird.
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748 Folder Collection
ktyvr258 published on November 9, 2016
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