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[Teacher] You're late again.
My cat was on fire
(upbeat string music) The Types of Student in Your Class
The Overreacter
Can you not tap your foot?
Hey, can you not turn your pages so loud?
Can you not stare at me?
The Borrower
Can I borrow a paper?
Can I borrow your pen?
Oh yeah.
Can I borrow $20?
I forgot my lunch.
Can I borrow your phone?
I need to call my mom.
Can I borrow your car?
Can I borrow your house key?
Hey can I have my...
The Overachiever
Oooh, ooh!
Oooh, I know, I know!
Homework, yes!
I think I'm gonna do the extra credit.
The Genius
What did you get?
Are you kidding me?
The Sleepyhead
The Cheater
Here you go.
The Eater
You want one?
Any mmm?
Do you want some?
Oh, you forgot to assign us homework!
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The Types Of Students In Your Class

89297 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on January 5, 2017    Jenny translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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