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  • The all-new DJI A3 Series of flight controllers is ideal for demanding industrial and cinematic

  • applications where reliability and customization are essential.

  • Upgraded to DJI’s D-RTK GNSS system, equipped aircraft can fly with centimeter-level accuracy.

  • It is also upgradeable to A3 Pro,

  • giving the aircraft triple modular redundancy for unprecedented reliability.

  • Using the all-new Ground Station, up to five aircraft can be controlled at a time,

  • and a new route planning system automates complex flights.

  • The A3 Pro is equipped with three IMUs and three GNSS units for a total of six redundancies.

  • The advanced diagnostic algorithms help drastically reduce the risk of sensor failure.

  • Sensor status can be monitored through the DJI GO app while the system automatically detects

  • any inaccurate sensor data and seamlessly switches between units

  • without affecting flight stability or data collection.

  • New, enhanced attitude determination and multi-sensor fusion algorithms improve positioning accuracy.

  • A new robust control algorithm allows the A3 and A3 Pro

  • to adapt to different flight platforms without adjusting parameters.

  • When flying a hexacopter or octocopter, fault tolerant control systems ensure that the aircraft

  • remains airborne even when up to three motors are lost, depending on its propulsion system.

  • In some cases, attitude can only be maintained through rapid spinning.

  • The controller automatically enters Course Lock mode.

  • The brand new DJI Assistant 2 makes the A3 Series easier to customize than ever.

  • Set up an aerial system quickly, and tune it so that it flies in a way that feels right.

  • Through DATALINK PRO, the A3 and A3 Pro support D-RTK GNSS, providing centimeter-level hover

  • positioning accuracy and more precise altitude control compared to a standard barometer.

  • Using dual antennas, its heading reference is more accurate than a compass sensor and

  • it’s able to withstand magnetic interference from metal structures.

  • The new Ground Station built for the A3 Series gives pilots access to DJI’s new route planning feature.

  • Easily create a route or manage existing ones, allowing up to five aircraft

  • to fly and carry out pre-defined actions, from photo capture to gimbal pitch and more.

  • Compatible with DJI’s Onboard and Mobile SDKs, the A3 Series is ideal for people seeking

  • to build aerial solutions for scientific, industrial, educational purposes and many more.

  • Additional ports including CAN and API ports allow industry experts to

  • craft their ideal aerial system.

  • With the A3 Series, DJI has created a next-generation flight controller that sets a new standard

  • for complex, high-value operations that will

  • transform aerial technology in all industries.

The all-new DJI A3 Series of flight controllers is ideal for demanding industrial and cinematic

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DJI – Introducing the A3 and A3 Pro

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