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  • DJI, together with Good Morning America went on a spectacular journey to another

  • breathtaking natural wonder, Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.

  • On our quest to track and film wild animals in their natural habitat, our team and equipment

  • once again were pushed to their limits.

  • We faced scorching heat, dust, and the constant movements while we moved through

  • the rough terrain.

  • As we were not allowed to step out of the vehicles while we were in the crater

  • we had to work and operate from the moving jeeps

  • In this sequel of the ABC Hidden World series

  • we invited viewers to follow our trail and experience the beauty of nature

  • via live broadcast utilizing the DJI Phantom 4 and the Inspire 1 we captured never

  • before seen aerial wildlife footage.

  • I want to thank DJI for those drones, because wow, have they

  • captured so much. In fact, let's take a look at what our drones captured for you

  • this morning in just the past couple of hours.

  • We were really excited to test the new features of the DJI Phantom 4

  • in these stunning surroundings.

  • ActiveTrack and Obstacle Avoidance allowed us to autonomously

  • follow cars through a dense forest and fly a perfect circle around animals like zebras.

  • TapFly in sport mode helped us to capture images that were once

  • extremely difficult to achieve.

  • One of our major goals was to approach all animals as unobtrusively as possible.

  • Animal Planet's renowned wildlife expert Dave Salmoni guided and trained us on animal behavior.

  • When we went in with a drone the first thing I noticed is it's very unintrusive.

  • The prey species they were a lot more skittish we had to be a lot further away

  • to start with those, and then we saw sort of the bigger things that are both prey

  • and predator like a hyena, and they were very curious.

  • Lions of course, because they were a confident species, really just didn't care.

  • The footage that I'm seeing from these drones is incredible.

  • It's offering us angles and views that we just wouldn't get any other way, and lastly,

  • talking with the anti-poaching team and wildlife managers around here it seems like we

  • could come up with a lot of applications for a drone in what they do.

  • If anything science is going to pick up on it. We're gonna be able to do numbers and we're

  • able to habitat, we'll be able to have a lot more access to the animals we're trying to

  • learn about.

  • Using DJI technology you position

  • viewers eye-to-eye with those majestic creatures without interfering with their natural

  • habitat. For the first, time viewers at home were provided an aerial live

  • glimpse into the endangered beauty of this earth bound Garden of Eden.

DJI, together with Good Morning America went on a spectacular journey to another

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