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  • Hello, I’m Shaun.

  • Are you green today?

  • Are you looking at the plant on my shirt?

  • Are you wondering why I’m wearing it?

  • Well, that’s because today is Earth day.

  • Let’s go green together.

  • Go green?

  • You mean like climbing a mountain

  • or going somewhere calledgreen”?

  • Come on, let’s go Green.

  • Come on.Go!

  • Go Green, go.

  • Go Green, go.

  • Going green or being green means saving energy and the Earth.

  • There are lots of things you can do to help the Earth.

  • For example, turn off the light.

  • Who turns the lights off?

  • Sorry, it’s my fault.

  • I mean you can turn off the light when nobody is using it.

  • And also, taking a shorter shower can also save the world.

  • There are not as many water resources in the world as you might think.

  • So, use it wisely.

  • Mom, our teacher said taking a shorting shower can save the Earth,

  • so I’m not going to take a shower anymore.

  • Mom, I don’t care about the Earth anymore.

  • I want to take a shower.

  • Hey, kids, I’m saying take a shorter shower,

  • but make sure you have a shower every day, OK?

  • Another thing you can do is you can reuse the things that can be reused.

  • One cool thing you can do is to have a reuse competition in your home.

  • Mom, look. I use the newspaper to wipe the window.

  • Great!

  • This is your reward.

  • Peter, why does the water you gave me tasted strange?

  • Oh, because youre using the water I reused from the AC.

  • Am I smart?

  • Peter!

  • And there is one more thing you can do.

  • You can reduce the use of gas by taking a bus to school or riding a bike.

  • Or you can even walk to school some days.

  • Mom, I’m going to school on foot today. Bye.

  • Finally…I’m at school.

  • Oh, no, now I need a taxi.

  • I mean you can walk to school if your school is near your home.

  • If you can do these things every day, then, you will be very green.

  • It’s easy right? Let’s go green.

Hello, I’m Shaun.

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