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Jeremy Lin: I have... uh... decided to retire from the game of basketball to pursue my true passions.
Press: Jeremy! Jeremy! Jeremy! Over here! ...(lolipop was here)
Press Member: And what would that be? Baseball? Golf? I heard you're good at ping pong.
Jeremy: Actually... uh... watching anime and playing video games.
Press: Jeremy! Jeremy! Jeremy!
Jeremy: Thank you.
Naruto: You're going down, Sasuke!
...Hey you!
Hang on!
Jeremy: *Screams*
Mumbling from group...
Naruto: Hey, look, some of the guys don't believe me
But will you tell them, tell them that you're Michael?
Jeremy: Michael?
Naruto: Yeah, tell them who you are, tell them you're Michael Jordan.
Jeremy: What? I'm not Michael Jordan.
Goku: You grabbed the wrong guy.
Sailor Moon: Told you it wasn't him.
Mumbling from the group...
Jeremy: Wait, what's going on here?
Naruto: We needed a basketball player but we got you instead.
Jeremy: Well I still play basketball.
Naruto: You do?
Jeremy: Yea.
Goku: You don't look like a basketball player.
Sailor Moon: Yea, you look more like one of us.
Jeremy: Well, I may not look it but I am a basketball player.
Jeremy: I'm Jeremy Lin.
Naruto: Who?
Naruto: Basketball is played by two teams and the aim of each team is to score.
Jeremy: Yo, if you guys are superheroes why do you need my help?
Naruto: Well, I mean, if this were a fight it would already be over
But since it's a basketball game, if we fight we get a... foo... a foo-l... a fool-
Jeremy: A foul.
Naruto: A foul! Why don't they spell it that way? F O W L
The team argues...
Jeremy: We got a lot of work to do
Naruto: A lot of work to do *mumbling* L O T
Jeremy: There's two sides to basketball, offense and defense
On offense: jump shots.
Free throws.
Lay ups.
And even more important than offense is defense.
The most important thing is to always keep your man in front of you.
Yami Yugi: It's time to duel!
Basketball Player: They got nothing.
Mysterious Man: How sure are you?
Basketball Player: They look awful, boss. They don't even know what they're doing.
Other player: And the new guy doesn't even seem that great either
Mysterious Man: Huh, what new guy?
Basketball Player: Well they got this NBA player but-
Mysterious Man: What?!
Jeremy: That's another travel Goku.
Jeremy: Remember you need to dribble the ball.
Goku: But every time I do, the ball bounces through the roof.
Mysterious Man: I want film on him, I wanna know every shot he's ever made
Basketball Player: But boss, he's a nobody.
Other player: Yea, boss, he's not even like MJ or LeBron.
Basketball player: In fact he kind of looks like one of us except well-
Mysterious Man: Well what??
Basketball player: *sigh* He's got some weird hair.
Naruto: I told you it's because you using so much Chakra.
Goku: You mean Ki?
Naruto: That aura around you, all you have to do is stop using it.
Jeremy: That's it, what if instead of holding back your guys' powers, you let them loose.
Jeremy: We can use that to our advantage.
Goku: Yea.
Naruto: Yea.
Yami Yugi: Yea.
Jeremy: What?
Jeremy: Alright guys this is everything we trained for, remember all your training.
Naruto: We got this!
Yami Yugi: Let's duel!
Goku: Let's do this boys!
Sailor Moon: Hey!
Goku: And girls.
Sailor Moon: Thank you.
Jeremy: Alright, put 'em in!
Jeremy: Toon Squad on 3! Toon Squad on 3! 1, 2-
Naruto: Wait, wait, wait, guys, I kind of made a change to our name, we're not Toon Squad anymore.
Goku: Well then what are we?
Leader Of Anime All-Stars: Well, well, well, if it isn't the Toon Squad, you guys actually showed up, I'm surprised!
Naruto: We're not afraid of you.
Mysterious Man: You actually think your little Toon Squad could beat us, The Anime All-Stars
Naruto: No, the Toon Squad can't, but we're not the Toon Squad anymore.
We are...
We are the... hey hold this real quick, we are the AnimeNiacs!
The Anime All-Stars laugh...
Goku: I kind of like Toon Squad better.
Yami Yugi: Yea, me too.
Sailor Moon: Yea, what kind of name is AnimeNiacs?
Naruto: You know, screw you guys, okay? Order your own jerseys next time.
Yami Yugi: You just activated my trap card! Spellbinding Circle!
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Space Jam 3: Anime Edition! (ft. Jeremy Lin)

946 Folder Collection
Lily Wu published on November 6, 2016
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