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  • Look up.

  • There I am.

  • I am the sky.

  • I am a warm, protective, blanket wrapped around everyone on earth.

  • I can bring clouds, rain, and wind.

  • I can be an ice storm.

  • Without me, you'd fry.

  • Every day, I am the breath you take in.

  • Yet you are making me sick.

  • I am congested.

  • Off balance.

  • Polluted.

  • You see, I am more delicate than you think.

  • It took millions of years to get it just right, my perfect mix of gases, temperature and weather that you enjoy.

  • But now your cars, your factories and dust they have pushed me past the limit.

  • And you wonder why my typhoons and tornadoes are more intense, more frequent?

  • I have become unpredictable.

  • Less rain here.

  • A lot more rain there.

  • Hotter summers.

  • Colder winters.

  • I cannot even control myself anymore.

  • Enough about me.

  • I will show my changing self to you in your days ahead.

  • But in the end, I’ll be fine.

  • Give me a few thousand years.

  • I have weathered trauma before.

  • I am not worried for myself.

  • Look up.

  • [Nature doesn't need people.]

  • [People need nature.]

Look up.

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Nature Is Speaking

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    Su Kids posted on 2020/12/08
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