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One of my all time favorite ways to use sticky notes
is to use them to replace flashcards.
Instead of carrying around all of your cards,
you can simply stick them in your notes
and test yourself whilst you read.
For this, you only need two sets of sticky notes,
preferably in different colors and of the same size.
First, I will write the answer in one of my sticky notes,
which I will normally do in bullet form
so I know which topics I should mention to get the right answer.
And, in the other sticky note,
I will write the main title, topic or question.
Now, all you have to do is stick them on top of one another,
and you have your improvised flashcards.
You can either arrange a whole notebook with these sticky notes
or just incorporate them into your study materials,
so you can assess your knoweldege on the way.
This can also be a cheaper alternative for some people
since, in many countries,
a pack of flashcards can be quite expensive.
Another great way to
make the most out of your unused pack of sticky notes is
making mind maps
The good thing about it is that
you can re-arrange the topics as you go along since
each sticky note is independent from each other.
And also, reorganize your mind maps on notebooks,
your table
or as I like to do during finals,
on an empty wall.
You can either use your regular sticky notes or,
like I recommend
get these Magnetic Notes from Tesla Amazing.
These don't have any glue on them,
and simply stick to any material.
They come in a whole array of colors and sizes
and you can simply slide them along the wall to reposition them
and, if you need to,
take them away and put them in your notebooks
when you are tired of seeing everything on your wall.
If you are a very visual learner,
studying with colorful mind maps can really
help you on the way for better grade
because your mind will associate certain information
with a certain color
and a certain position on a chart.
That will let you reference better your material,
and you will remember much more while you are taking an exam
or writing an assignment.
Also, keeping these mind maps on your wall during finals
can help you memorize better since all the information you'll need to remember
will be sticked on your wall
and you will end up looking at it everytime you enter or leave your room.
I hope you've enjoyed this video! Don't forget to subscribe
And I'll see you next week. Bye!
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2 New Ways to Use Sticky Notes // 2 Minute Study Tips

1369 Folder Collection
Anita Lin published on November 1, 2016    Anita Lin translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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