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How to Put a Curse on the Yankees. Help bring down those egotistical Bronx Bombers with
these spells, hexes, and jinxes. You will need Sports Illustrated cover mock-up Goat
Witch Voodoo hex Yankees' World Series T-shirts and bonfire. Step 1. Create a Sports Illustrated
cover mock-up featuring the entire Yankees team: The magazine staff's own research found
that either misfortune or a decline in performance befell 37.2 percent of sports figures after
they appeared on the cover. Step 2. At Yankee Stadium, order two tickets -- one for you,
and one for your pet goat. When they inevitably tell you that you can't bring a goat into
the stadium, proclaim a curse on the Yankees for banning your beloved pet. In 1945, a fan
put a curse on the Chicago Cubs for tossing him and his goat from Wrigley Field. And we
all know how that turned out. Step 3. Find a witch to take a broom and beat the crap
out of a Yankees jersey. That's what a Wiccan priestess from Long Island did to a Boston
Red Sox shirt when she heard that a construction worker had buried a Red Sox jersey at the
Yankees' new stadium in 2008. And it seemed to work: The Yankees won the World Series
the following year. Ask the witch to wear all black while she casts negative energy
on the Yanks. Step 4. Place a voodoo hex on the players. It worked for pitcher Pedro Borbon,
who put a voodoo curse on the Cincinnati Reds in 1979 for trading him. Thus began an 11-year
losing streak, which only ended when Borbon agreed to lift the curse; the Reds went on
to win the World Series in a 1990 upset. Step 5. Ask to spread some ashes over Yankee stadium,
making up some story about them being the remains of your grandpa, a lifelong fan. Then,
distribute the ashes of burned Yankees World Series T-shirts instead. Let's Go Anyone-Who-Is-Not-the-Yankees!
Did you know The infamous "Curse of the Muldoon," the story of a successful hex put on the Chicago
Black Hawks by fired coach Pete Muldoon during the 1926-27 season, was completely made up
by a sportswriter.
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How to Put a Curse on the Yankees

314 Folder Collection
Pedroli Li published on October 30, 2016
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