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  • Mutual desire is normally signaled by a pretty weird act.

  • Two organs, otherwise used for eating and speaking, are rubbed and pressed against one another with increasing force.

  • Accompanied by the secretion of saliva.

  • A tongue normally precisely manipulated to articulate vowel sounds.

  • Or to push mash potato or broccoli to the rear of the palate.

  • Now moves forward to meet its counterpart, whose tip might touch in repeated staccato movements.

  • One would have to carefully explain to an alien visitor from Keppler 9B what's going on.

  • They're not about to bite chunks out of each other cheeks or attempting to inflate one another.

  • Why is kissing so significant and potentially so exciting?

  • Sexual excitement is psychological.

  • It's not so much what our bodies happen to be doing, that's getting us turned on.

  • It's what happening in our imaginations that matters.

  • Partly, the excitement of kissing is the result of social codes being breached.

  • We could imagine a society where it was very forbidden, and yet very special for two people to rub the gap between index finger and thumb together.

  • The first time you did it, would be something you'd remember all your life.

  • The huge meaning of kissing is something we've built up by social agreement.

  • And its fundamental definition is: I accept you, enough to do something potentially quite revolting with you.

  • The inside of a mouth is deeply private, ordinarily it would be utterly nauseating to have a stranger poke their tongue into your face.

  • To allow someone to do these things, signals of a fundamental level of acceptance.

  • All of us suffer from strong feelings of shame.

  • Which another's kiss starts to work on overcoming.

  • Aside from our public identities, we all have lonelier, private selves.

  • Which is what we feel we getting and giving access to...through a kiss.

  • Our mouths become privileged arenas in which to surrender our defenses.

  • And gift ourselves to another, physical pleasure aside.

  • That's why it's so very exciting.

Mutual desire is normally signaled by a pretty weird act.

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