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  • Icky frog, icky frog.

  • Get my ball.

  • Ribbit, ribbit!

  • Icky frog, icky frog.

  • Go away.

  • Ribbit, ribbit!

  • Icky frog, icky frog.

  • Youre a prince!

  • Ribbit, ribbit.

  • Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit!

  • The Princess and the Frog

  • It’s Princess Petunia’s birthday.

  • What’s this?”

  • Princess Petunia asks.

  • It’s a present. Open it!”

  • the king says.

  • “A gold ball!” she says.

  • Oh, thanks, Daddy!”

  • By the well, she throws the ball.

  • It goes up, up, UP!

  • Then it goes down, down, DOWN!

  • SPLASH! It falls into the well!

  • Boo hoo hoo!”

  • cries Princess Petunia.

  • Why do you cry?”

  • My gold ball is in the well!”

  • Get my ball and I’ll give you this!”

  • she says.

  • What is it?”

  • the little green frog says.

  • It’s a crown!”

  • Oh, I don’t want that!”

  • says the little green frog.

  • “I want to be your friend!”

  • OK. Please get my ball!”

  • says Princess Petunia.

  • The little green frog gets the ball.

  • Here it is!”

  • She takes the ball and runs away.

  • At dinner, there is a little knock on the door.

  • What’s that sound?”

  • It’s just an icky frog.”

  • An icky frog? Why is he here?”

  • “I promised to be his friend,”

  • Always keep your promise!”

  • The little green frog comes into the castle.

  • He eats with Princess Petunia.

  • Now I am tired! It’s bedtime!”

  • Ooh! Youre an icky frog!”

  • Sleep in the bathroom!”

  • But the king says,

  • Always keep your promise!”

  • Princess Petunia puts the frog on her bed.

  • Suddenly, there is a handsome prince.

  • Princess Petunia is so surprised.

  • Oh, my! It’s a handsome prince!”

  • The handsome prince says,

  • Oh, thank you!”

  • “A bad witch did some magic!”

  • “I became a frog!”

  • But you treat me as a real friend!”

  • So there is no more bad magic!”

  • Princess Petunia and the handsome prince marry.

  • They are very happy.

  • And what is the prince’s favorite snack?

  • Flies, of course.

Icky frog, icky frog.

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