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  • Here we will explore true facts about the frog

  • Frogs are not merely proof that French people will put anything into their mouths, they are also amphibians.

  • which means that they're a bit wishy washy on the whole evolution thing.

  • Oh.. that was pretty cool... Did you see that? It has a transparent eyelid! Good for sexy winking.

  • The Frog begins its life as water larvae that resemble gigantic sperms. Which should make you appreciate how tiny our sperm is.

  • If our sperm was that big it would be uncomfortable, for everyone. Think about it. Now stop thinking about it you Perve.

  • After a time is a Spanish water breathing vegetarian the larvae undergo a rapid 24-hour metamorphosis we absorbing their tails growing limbs and lungs and emerging as graceful adult strollers.

  • Although now on air breather the frogs still relies on its permeable skin for oxygen and keeps its skin moist by producing mucus

  • Imagines sneezing but through your entire body.

  • That is how a frog do.

  • Every couple of days the frog sheds its skin, and as the French may or may not do, it eats its own full-body booger in public.

  • perhaps the taste of booger awakens a taste for flash for the adult frog preys upon the living.

  • Whoo! Settle down there spazzy!

  • luckly for this mouse the frog eats worms, and inse.... Holy Crap!

  • Strike that! Not lucky, not looking for the mouse.

  • Yes, and just like the French the frog even has a taste for frog.

  • when Kermit first met Miss Piggy He said, "Be careful I might eat you."

  • And that became one of the biggest miscommunications of all time

  • Right now you're probably, wondering am I a frog?

  • how could I tell? Here's a simple test.

  • Listen to this.

  • (Frog Noises)

  • If that turned you on, you might be a frog because all of those frogs where basically saying F*ck Me.

  • Except that last one he was just saying... (Frog Squealing)

  • After a female was chosen a male based on how loud he yells F*ck Me he climbs on her back and holds her very tightly and what is known as amplexus.

  • Ohh! that's sad. The little eyeball picking out at the bottom.

  • that's not where you wanna be.

  • amplexus sometimes lasts for days and doesn't really look all that sexy.

  • The squeezing however triggers the female to release earnings achieving fertilizes externally... messy messy a froggy style.

  • the fertilized egg lack a shell, and are fragile, and must be kept moist, and protected.

  • Some frogs take this very seriously.

  • the unusual sir nom toad. Yes toads are frogs, moves the eggs to her back.

  • the eggs then sinking to her flair perform safe pockets in which the larvae develop... mmmmmmm

  • That is very disturbing to me. I have nightmares when that happens to my legs.

  • Owww! You can see the moving, Uhh! Alright they're coming out!

  • Look away, look away!

  • I'm not looking that is traumatic.

  • Always remember, practice safe sex. Or your back Mike just get pregnant.

Here we will explore true facts about the frog

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