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  • So... uh... so I discovered this thing called Korean drama.

  • If you don't know what Korean dramas are, they're kinda like American TV shows but um...

  • 100 times better.

  • Since I've made this discovery, I've been sleeping ... um ...

  • not at all, really.

  • I can't sleep.

  • Okay, just one more episode.

  • To be honest I never really paid attention to these Asian drama TV shows.

  • Every time my friend told me about these Korean dramas,

  • my reaction would be like...

  • Hey you should watch Korean dramas.

  • Watch Korean dramas? That is so Asian of you to do.

  • All right. You say that right now, but trust me, once you go in, that there is no returning back.

  • You'll become addicted, and it will suck your soul.

  • That is so Asian of you to say.

  • But then I got curious, and that's when I learned that even my brown, black and white friends are watching them.

  • So the only question that popped into my head was

  • "How come everyone understands Korean but me?"

  • And that's when I discovered a revolutionary technology that's known to only the wealthiest of the wealthiest, called subtitles.

  • See, my parents always tell me...

  • Jeffrey you've been with your computer for three hours. Educate yourself. You should read more.

  • Yeah, and now I can, by just watching these Asian dramas.

  • Most of the time their subtitles are pretty accurate.

  • I a lot like you.

  • You are the beautiful, the most person Earth is on.

  • That is the most beautiful comment I've ever seen.

  • There may be some mistakes from time to time, though.

  • Anyway one of the reasons I got addicted to these Asian dramas is that they make you fall in love with the characters so easily.

  • And then they make them suffer, and die... kinda.

  • You have betrayed my family, therefore I have no choice but to kill you.

  • I'm innocent, but if this is gonna save Suku's life, then kill me.

  • I'm sorry.

  • Bakiyo?! Nooo!

  • I'm sorry, Suki.

  • He was innocent. I got the papers here to prove it.

  • What?

  • It was your father who betrayed you.

  • What did you say?

  • Wait. I'm alive!

  • Bakiyo!

  • Wait what was that pan doing in your jacket?

  • Oh, I was cooking earlier, and I thought it was a pretty good pan, so uh, I stole it.

  • Wait, I should have known. Main characters never die in dramas.

  • Yeah, true, I forgot.

  • Oh, I knew that, I was just acting. Oh fake tears.

  • You were? Oh nice that was pretty good.

  • Oh thanks, you were a pretty good actor, too.

  • So then, where's the camera?

  • - Oh there it is! - Hi mom! - Hi dad!

  • I forget they're just TV shows sometimes.

  • Also, it's not like they make you watch only one episode.

  • No, there's like a million, and they make you continue watching

  • because every ending of each episode always ends with the most suspenseful, crazy moment.

  • Suki, I can't live without you.

  • Bakiyo...

  • Like who wants to see two people with relationship goals about to kiss, but get stopped?

  • Not stop actually, gets paused.

  • While there are two centimeters from each other's face.

  • That is cruelty. Do it on purpose, and it's like, TV show was laughing at me.

  • Hahahahaha! You thought we were gonna kiss?

  • We might! But you'll have to watch the other episode.

  • -Hahaha oh loser. -Pathetic.

  • Also, most of there characters have awful and perfect yet realistic life that sometimes I legitimately want to become them.

  • But I think I take it too far sometimes though.

  • I was an orphan at the age of eight. My dad was killed in front of me by the same assassin that killed my mom.

  • - I will have my revenge... -Son!

  • Can you help me to take the trash out?

  • Ma gonna be home soon from work!

  • Wait, didn't you just say he...

  • Whadad? You're alive? And mom too?

  • Come on, I don't have all day.

  • Yeah, I little tiny bit too far.

  • Do you guys also easily get addicted to these TV shows once you start them?

  • Please tell me in the comments so I know I'm not the only one.

  • Anyways, I'm off to watch some more Korean dramas.

  • I'll see you next time. This is Jeffrey Fever,

  • and I'm pressing the record button. Now, peace.

  • Oh what's this? Taiwanese and Japanese dramas. Uh, let's see.

So... uh... so I discovered this thing called Korean drama.

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Discovering KOREAN DRAMA

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    Angel Cheng posted on 2016/10/28
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