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  • Hello, I'm Andrew Marston and welcome to Tour Japan, the show where I tell you about a place in Japan

  • and then we go there.

  • and today we're headed to Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto.

  • Around Japan there are thousands of Shinto shrines dedicated to the rice goddess Inari

  • and her fleet of probably adorable fox messengers.

  • and of all these shrines the most important is the Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto.

  • that said, equally important to many tourists is taking a selfie in front of the red gates that cover the mountain paths behind the shrine.

  • Ok, so here's the main shrine, and just behind it, you can see where the path splits

  • This area is called the Senbon Torii

  • and is where you'll find the highest density of red gates.

  • From here, as you stroll toward the summit

  • you'll also see several spots with sundry smaller shrines

  • from assorted Shinto sects, as well as shops, rest stops, and restaurants

  • try saying that 3 times fast.

  • About halfway up the mountain. Right here.

  • Is a place called the Yotsutsuji Intersection

  • and it's where you'll find the best view of the city on the whole walk

  • this is also the last rest area before the summit

  • finally, at the top of the mountain you'll find

  • big surprise...

  • it's another shrine.

  • Like Kinkakuji, if this is your first time visiting Kyoto

  • I highly recommend visiting Fushimi Inari Taisha

  • Alright so let's head there and see it for ourselves

  • Right now.

  • I always go back and forth whether or not to recommend

  • people go all the way to the top of the mountain when they visit Fushimi Inari

  • because I mean, by the time you get halfway up the mountain

  • you're kind of over all the red gates

  • and you've seen the best view you're going to see at the Yotsutsuji Intersection

  • but then again you've already put in all that effort to go halfway up the mountain

  • it'd be a shame to waste it and not go all the way to the top

  • So that's the question I'll leave with you

  • let me know if you would visit the top of the mountain when you visit Fushimi Inari.

  • That's all I got today, thanks for watching, I'm Andrew Marston, see you next time.

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  • see you next time

  • pew pew pew

  • finger guns for the win!

Hello, I'm Andrew Marston and welcome to Tour Japan, the show where I tell you about a place in Japan

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Guide to Fushimi Inari: How to see all the red gates

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