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Hello, I'm Andrew Marston and welcome to Tour Japan
the show where I tell you about a place in Japan and then we go there.
Today we're headed to Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo
one of the largest and most famous wholesale seafood markets in the entire world.
And let me warn you up front
I think you're going to be hooked ^_^
Alright, when you visit there are four main sections to hit and here's the order I suggest hitting them in.
At 3:30AM get in line for the Tuna Auctions at Kachidoki Gate.
Only two groups of 60 get to see the Tuna Auctions everyday, and spots are first-come-first-serve
so if you're not in line by 4AM you might not get a spot.
After the Tuna Auctions are over around 6AM(ish)
Head down to Uogashi Yokocho for some of the best sushi in the world.
Next, when it opens around 9AM visit the wholesale market
where there are literally hundreds of stalls selling fresh seafood. You could walk around this place for hours.
But my one caution is to always be aware of what's going on around you
because there's a lot of carts and trucks that are zooming around in this area.
Lastly, I suggest finishing your Tsukiji experience in the outer market
where you can have an excellent sushi lunch and shop for everything from fish related good to kitchenware.
One quick note is that if you're planning on visiting Tsukiji Fish Market you should probably do it soon
because it's scheduled to move in November of 2016.
Alright, let's visit Tsukiji and see what it's like.
Alright, I hope you feel a little more informed about Tsukiji Fish Market and what it's like to visit.
Let me, and the world, know what your favorite sushi is in the comments.
Thanks for watching, I'm Andrew Marston. See you next time.
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Ultimate Tsukiji Fish Market Guide: Tuna Auction, Market, Restaurants

177 Folder Collection
むなかた じゅん published on October 27, 2016
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