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  • I've never seen a shark. Yeah I've never seen one up close either.

  • I think about a shark every time I go surfing.

  • Me too. Me too.

  • We're freaking out.

  • Ship Captain: A couple safety things about the boat, VHF radios located up on the bridge. Channel 16 is the coast guard.

  • Ship Captain: That being said, a little about the tour. What's happened is over time ths sharks have become accustomed

  • Ship Captain: to hearing these big motors, the crabbers use the same sort of motors.

  • It's really sharky out there. There's sharks everywhere.

  • Surrounding us. They're big.

  • And we're kinda scared.

  • It was really scary, we were all really nervous at first.

  • I've never actually seen a shark up close.

  • They just through the cage over and were like 'ok get in, have fun'

  • So we just jumped in and right when you jump there's sharks surrounding us.

  • From down below, to the sides. You're just like "oh my gosh..."

  • You just want to curl up in a little ball.

  • Sometimes you legs kinda even get outside the cage, it's a little scary

  • But it's like such a cool thing to see them that close an see how they really move.

  • It's so calm under there.

  • It was really cool and it was fun to do with the girls because we were cracking jokes and

  • having fun, so, it was some good times.

  • Always on Oahu, it's really fun. They call it the 'Seven Mile Miracle'.

  • ... because it's just wave after wave. You can walk out and surf three different waves if you want to.

  • It ended up being such a nice day with the sunset. The waves picked up really fast.

  • As you can tell, yeah, it was a really fun day.

I've never seen a shark. Yeah I've never seen one up close either.

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