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I've never seen a shark. Yeah I've never seen one up close either.
I think about a shark every time I go surfing.
Me too. Me too.
We're freaking out.
Ship Captain: A couple safety things about the boat, VHF radios located up on the bridge. Channel 16 is the coast guard.
Ship Captain: That being said, a little about the tour. What's happened is over time ths sharks have become accustomed
Ship Captain: to hearing these big motors, the crabbers use the same sort of motors.
It's really sharky out there. There's sharks everywhere.
Surrounding us. They're big.
And we're kinda scared.
It was really scary, we were all really nervous at first.
I've never actually seen a shark up close.
They just through the cage over and were like 'ok get in, have fun'
So we just jumped in and right when you jump there's sharks surrounding us.
From down below, to the sides. You're just like "oh my gosh..."
You just want to curl up in a little ball.
Sometimes you legs kinda even get outside the cage, it's a little scary
But it's like such a cool thing to see them that close an see how they really move.
It's so calm under there.
It was really cool and it was fun to do with the girls because we were cracking jokes and
having fun, so, it was some good times.
Always on Oahu, it's really fun. They call it the 'Seven Mile Miracle'.
... because it's just wave after wave. You can walk out and surf three different waves if you want to.
It ended up being such a nice day with the sunset. The waves picked up really fast.
As you can tell, yeah, it was a really fun day.
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Alana Blanchard Swims With Sharks! Alana: Surfer Girl, Ep 203

7389 Folder Collection
Zenn published on May 25, 2013
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