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Hi, I’m Tobin with Section 8 Ski Institute. Today I’m going to give you guys a cool
skiing drill that will help with the timing of your pole plant in your short turns.
So quite often when people are attempting to ski short turns I see them try to pole
plant a bit too late in the turn… and what happens is their upper body then twists around
their pole and they get off balance. So what I suggest, is thinking of your pole
plant more at the end of the turn. That way it will stabilize your upper body
for the transition and also stop your upper body from rotating back up the hill before
you move into the new turn. Now the drill that I suggest to practice the
timing of this is to just have your buddy draw a line straight down the fall line in
the snow… sort of like this.
Great… so for this drill you can see I’ve had my buddy draw a line in the snow and as
I’m doing my turns… and as I steer my skis across the hill towards
the end of the turn… I’m reaching down and planting my pole directly on that line.
Now when I plant my pole there, it should stabilize my upper body for the next turn
and also stop my upper body from rotating back up the hill into the old turn…
Now go skiing and strop watching youtube!;)
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Ski Tips - Short turn pole plant drill to improve your skiing - Advanced Lesson

200 Folder Collection
alex published on October 26, 2016
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