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  • My name is Tim.

  • I had the greatest parents ever.

  • Rise and Shine. Its 'Take Your Kid to Work' day. Really?!

  • It was just the three of us. The Templeton's.

  • Life was perfect. 'Till that one fateful day.

  • Tim! Look who's here.

  • Meet your new baby

  • Brooooooooooooother.

  • Baby snaps fingers and begins to cry.

  • He's taking over the whole house!

  • Look at him!

  • He wears, a suit.

  • He's like a little man.

  • He carries a briefcase!

  • Baby quickly hides briefcase

  • Does no one else think thats, oh I don't know, a little freaky??

  • Well you carried Lamb Lamb around until you were like-

  • This is not about Lamb Lamb!

  • Trust me. One day, you're going to love him with all of your heart.

  • Never!

  • [Indistinguishable chatter]

  • But I think the kid might be on to me.

  • Hands up baby!!

  • Aah!! Poop duty.

  • Aaaaaaaahh!

  • I've gotta deal with the K I D.

  • You can talk?!

  • Uhhhhh, goo goo gah gah?

  • No! You can really talk.

  • Fine. I can talk. Now lets see if you can listen.

  • Get me a doulbe expresso and a see if there's a place around here with decent sushi.

  • I'd Kill, for a spicy tuna roll right about now.

  • Get yourself a little something.

  • Who are you??

  • Let's just say, I'm the boss.

  • Wait till Mom and Dad find out about this!

  • Power nap! Uhh, you were saying?

My name is Tim.

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