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Hi I'm coach Collin Castellaw and this is the UTEP crossover move #2. So UTEP move #2
is kind of a combo off of move #1. What happens is as you approach your defender in this case
the cones you are going to start just like UTEP move #1 where you are going under the
legs then hesitate. Now we are going to use a crossover to get back to our original hand.
Now unlike most normal crossovers where you are just trying to keep it low below your
knees and move laterally. Instead when we cross over we are going to push it out keeping
the ball high you want to push it out about at your chest that way is it nice and fast.
the only thing you want to be careful of is if you have really really long defender sometimes
after this hesitation they can get their hand on it coming across. So you really want to
make sure you sell the hesitation then push it out in front. Alright, now let's watch
Derrick Rose do it. the think that makes Derrick so good at this move is his hard hesitation.
He puts the ball under his legs and really sells the move by pointing his chest towards
the middle of the floor. as he does this the defender stops their momentum to react and
then he quickly pushes it back through to beat them. If you liked this video click the
subscribe button in the bottom right hand corner. Or sign up for a free membership on
our website where we have even more move tutorials and drills not featured on YouTube. You can
also help us grow by sharing this video on Facebook and Twitter. Again I'm coach Collin
Castellaw and thank you for the support!
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Derrick Rose Killer Crossover Move: Basketball Moves

460 Folder Collection
Paul Huang published on October 24, 2016
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