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So, there is a rumor/'prank' going around that if you change the date on your iPhone
6, or 6s to January 1st 1970... It will brick your phone.
Turns out this rumor is true. I have an iPhone 6 that I tried it on. After scrolling all
the way back to January 1st 1970, I turned off the phone... and all it would do is power
cycle when I turned it back on.
It would stay on the apple logo for a few minutes, then turn off, turn back on... and
stay stuck in the fruit loop forever.
Now... you'd have to be pretty silly to intentionally cause damage to an expensive cell phone...
BUT if you or someone else you know has accidentally fallen for this prank, there is a way to fix
it. One way is to take it to the Apple store and have them do their thing. If that is not
an option, a simple unplugging of the battery will correct the software issue. Once the
battery has been unplugged from the frozen device, the date and time will automatically
reset, giving you full access to your phone again. To remove the battery, there are 2
small pentalobe screws at the bottom. Then you need to GENTLY lift the screen away from
the device. It helps if you have a little suction cup to help lift up. Then there are
2 more screws holding down the battery connection. Pop that off with a plastic pry tool. Wait
about 30 seconds before plugging it back in again.
Once that is finished, put everything back where it belongs, and your phone is as good
as new. The next time you need to time travel...better get an android.
I hope this video was helpful! Share this video with anyone who might be effected by
the glitch. Thank you for subscribing! I hope to see you around.
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January 1, 1970 Bricked iPhone Glitch FIXED!!

537 Folder Collection
Steven published on October 22, 2016
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