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  • When it comes to the differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the list is seemingly endless.

  • Not only are the two Presidential nominees on opposite sides of the political and ideological spectrum, they've got radically different personality types.

  • This is abundantly evident when they're out on the stump.

  • So how do Trump and Clinton's speaking styles differ?

  • Well, Hillary Clinton's speaking style has been described as restrained and carefully calculated.

  • She often makes abstract statements using soft or sterile language, like promising torestore fairness to our economyorensurethat the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes.

  • For many, this can be read as overly planned and emotionless, which experts say is a key reason she ranks lower in likability.

  • I think Hillary Clinton is more conventional ... has a more conventional relationship with her speechwriters where they are channeling her voice rather than replacing her voice with one that is more acceptable to voters.

  • That's David Litt, a former speechwriter for President Barack Obama.

  • The way he sees it, Clinton is trying to reach out to younger voters who may not be familiar with the Clinton legacy.

  • And this may take a little extra effort than it would take Trump, who already has an established television presence.

  • I think for somebody who is by her own admission not a natural performer, she is trying to get better and better and focus attention where it needs to be.

  • Unlike Clinton, Trump tends to be less scripted.

  • His most famous statements are vague and hyperbolic, for instance, calling the Iran deal a “total disasterand Barack Obamathe worst president in history.”

  • Trump deliberately alienates himself and his supporters from the political establishment.

  • For example, when Hillary Clinton came out with her slogan, “I’m With Her”, positioning herself as a leader to be followed, Trump replied with the slogan “I’m With You”.

  • Trump's approach is informal and off-the-cuff.

  • For some of his supporters, this reads asdown to earth,’ but for others it comes off as unprepared and ignorant of the issues.

  • To me, Donald Trump's version of speechwriting is really the worst version of what speech writing can be, which is you clearly see that when he's speaking off-the-cuff, he doesn't have a clear sense of what he's talking about.

  • He doesn't have a clear sense of how the country works or how the economy works or how international and national security work.

  • And while Litt admits he hold a bias, there are other expert too who have similar opinions of Trump's speaking style.

  • Some have even compared it to that of an aggressive salesmen.

  • One trick they point to is Trump's use of strong, punchy adjectives and other verbal intensifiers.

  • For instance, promising to make your childrenvery very safeand build animpenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall.”

  • Another salesman tactic is to claim to have direct experience with what you're selling.

  • Trump does this by starting many of his sentences withBelieve me."

  • Experts say this works because people are more inclined to believe something that has been talked about or shared.

  • Donald Trump has sort of brought this something we haven't seen in American politics, this kind of far right populism.

  • It's clearly proven popular with a certain segment of the electorate.

  • Trump and Clinton's radically different speaking styles may have something to do with their respective campaign themes.

  • Trump tends to paint the United States as broken and weak, something that needs to bemade great again.”

  • Clinton, however, often lists off the country's accomplishments.

  • No better is this seen than in their nominee acceptance speeches.

  • At the Republican National Convention, Trump stated that the country was in a “moment of crisis”  in which attacks on police, and terrorismthreaten our very way of life.”

  • But Clinton had a much more positive take on the state of the nation, saying America hasthe most powerful military,” themost innovative engineers,” themost enduring valuesand themost dynamic and diverse people in the world.”

  • But as David Litt told us in the end, style doesn't matter as much as content, and their character comes through no matter what they say.

  • Writing speeches for the President is a high-pressure job, and one that David Litt took on soon after graduating college.

  • Find out more about his experience working with President Obama in this Seeker Stories episode.

  • You have to realize how high the stakes are, and we would write speeches knowing that there are people whose full-time job is to pick apart every single word the president says, and sometimes just to take things out of context , and that could be incredibly intimidating.

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When it comes to the differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the list is seemingly endless.

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Trump vs. Clinton: Obama's Speechwriter Analyzes Their Style

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