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hello everyone I am Dori I am an
english teacher and this is an introductory video about the IELTS exam
So, what exactly is IELTS?
IELTS stands for International
English language testing system and this is what it actually does
it assesses your knowledge of the English language
There are two versions of the test: the Academic
and the General one. The Academic is for those who want to study abroad
in an english speaking country of course either for undergraduate
or for post-graduate studies and the General version of the
test is for those who want to
work abroad in an english-speaking environment
or in an english speaking country. As I said
IELTS assesses your knowledge of the english
language, so there is no fail or pass at least not in the traditional way
Instead, there are bandscores from 0 to 9
9 being the highest that describe your english ability
Most universities accept a 6.5 or
higher for under graduate studies and
a 7 bandscore or higher for post graduate studies
Again, it depends on the university, so before you take the exam you
might want to check this out for the university of your interest. As far as the
general version of the test is concerned,
again it depends on what purpose you take the exam
and what kind of bandscore is required
by those who originally asked you to take the exam. The test overall
lasts for 2 hours and 44 minutes and tests
your listening, reading, writing and speaking
skills. There's great likelihood that speaking,
the speaking section will take place a different day
but the other three: listening, reading, and writing will take place the
same day one after the other and in this exact same
order. Now, listening lasts for 30 minutes
and it is the same for both Academic and General
Reading lasts for 60 minutes and it's not the same
in the Academic version of the test, Reading
is a little bit harder because it is for academic
purposes. Writing again as Reading
lasts for 60 minutes and it is different the academic one
is a little bit more challenging and Speaking is the same for both
it lasts from 11 to 15 minutes and you're going to have an actual conversation
with a qualified IELTS examiner. Well, that's pretty much it
as an introduction. There are going to be more videos to follow
in which I am going to focus on each section in detail
in order to help you prepare with the exam actually my aim is to
help anyone who wants to study by himself or herself
who wants extra information extra guidance
or extra help about IELTS or about english
in general. I have added some links down below which I find very useful and very helpful
and hopefully you will find them, too. I have also added
the IELTS bandscale and what each bandscore
actually means. if you like this video please subscribe and
comment. English is not my mother language either
well after all these years of studying it and teaching it
Actually it kind of feels it is but what I am trying to say
here is that I know all the difficulties that you're going through
in learning a new language. I am greek myself so each video is going to be in greek too (subtitles)
I will say the same things in greek (subtitles) in order to
help greek people that their english level is not very high
yet to prepare better for the exam thank you very much for watching
good luck with the exam!
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IELTS: What is this? english video

4568 Folder Collection
Jay Terry Sky published on October 20, 2016
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