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hello everyone, welcome to my channel this is Dori I am a teacher
of English and today's video is a more detailed video on
matching headings tasks in Reading
So, if you do not know the basics in these tasks
yet or if you're just starting out then you should probably watch
this video over here first where I explain the basics
and I give you some strategies you can follow, however if you already know these
tasks and you have practiced more than enough and they still confuse you
then this video is for you so please keep watching
okay first of all you should be careful
not to lose valuable time in this task as it has to do with whole paragraphs you know?
so please again do not read
the whole paragraph you cannot do that you do not have time for that
only skim through the paragraph just to get the overall meaning
and the gist. Secondly only read carefully
the first two lines (2-3 lines of the paragraph)
and the last 2-3 lines of that paragraph
you pay attention to these two parts and what about the middle?
well you just skim through the middle in order to
-very quickly- in order to find the connection
the beginning of the paragraph and the ending of the paragraph and this
will give you the overall
meaning, the overall points the gist of the paragraph
as we say. Now go quickly back to the headings
and start eliminating those that
definitely do not fit for this
single paragraph usually only two headings
are the ones that are going to confuse you so pay attention
eliminate the rest and pay attention only to these two
headings. Every single word in the heading
is important so ask yourself is this true
in the paragraph, does it represent the overall
meaning, the overall point that the paragraph wants to make
does this heading stand true for the paragraph from the beginning
to the end? So, usually at this point you should be able to make a decision
choose your heading and quickly move on to the next paragraph
after that you will follow the same procedure
paragraph to paragraph: you will pay attention only to the beginnings and the endings
you will skim through the middle to find the connection then you will go to
the headings
back to the headings you will eliminate the ones that do not fit
and you will ask yourself questions about the ones that fit
and then you will make a decision later after you have finished the task
maybe you need to change something a heading with
a paragraph if you need to change something please don't panick
it is usual and it will be so much clearer
and easier for you to do it if you have followed the previous
procedure you will instantly know which heading
should be changed in the end okay overall what you need to ask yourself about
headings and
paragraphs is what does this heading actually mean?
what does it want to say I'm sure you understand the meanings of the headings
but for example when we have a heading
that is called "A real method"
okay what does "real" mean?
of course they don't use the adjective "real" here
in order to tell you that it exists, the method exists
no not at all, they probably use "real" here
because maybe some people some scientists
let's just say don't recognize this particular method
as real as scientific and this paragraph wants to justify
and support the method as real as scientific for example
okay and now lets go and have a look at
some examples which may help you more okay now I will show you this way of
thinking with some examples
you can see this paragraph over here
Let's just read and underline very carefully
just the first 2-3 lines, so let's go and read it together
okay just this part over here and then
for the middle we're going to just skim through the paragraph so here we go
okay books, a lot of books
"in the end" we can underline that in our skimming because it is a linking phrase
and it is always a good thing to underline these successfully okay
What else? "has his own law practice"
money may have been
a motivating factor you can underline this too but
something else now the paragraph is going to say something
opposite than money being a motivating factor
alright he wanted a career change
and now after we skimmed through the middle
we pay attention and we underline only the last two to three lines
let's read it together
okay what do we do in this paragraph again let's recap
we pay attention only to the beginning
we skim through the middle and we also pay attention
to the end and what is the connection between
the two parts here the beginning
and the ending the connection is
that although he was very successful in his previous corporation job
he wanted a career change
let's go back to the headings and find out the truth okay here are
our headings let's go, one by one: time for a career change
this could be possible the paragraph talks about a career
change right
so it could be possible money
as a motivating factor well if I remember correctly the paragraph
said something about money being a
motivating factor let's go and check it out again
so here we have underlined that sure money may have been a motivating factor
but more importantly he wanted a career change
so the most important point the
paragraph wants to make
is not about money being a motivating factor, sure money
is always a motivating factor but he was happy with the money he was making
was making an excellent six-figure salary the most important thing of the
paragraph is that he wanted
career change he wanted what? he wanted to be
his own boss. So, money as a motivating factor
it could be but it is not what about economic recession and workplace no not at all
the paragraph says nothing about that new way of thinking new opportunities not at all
we are not told about any of that
balance between work and play no
the paragraph doesn't say anything about that, lost enjoyment in life not at all
quite the opposite
he wanted to do something else he wanted to be his own boss he was successful
it was not a matter of losing enjoyment financial security
well he was financially secure but it is not
the main the overall meaning of the paragraph, what the paragraph wants to say
what the paragraph wants to say is that although his father was successful
it was time for a career change for him he wanted to be his own boss
so this is the heading for this paragraph. Now let's go to the next
paragraph to use it as an example
obviously I'm explaining now things but you will do this
fairly quickly you know you just read the first 2-3 lines, just skim through
the middle and then you underline
the last lines, it's not going to waste you
a lot of time and gradually with practice you will become better
so let's read
the first 2-3 lines
okay and we stop here and we skim through
okay own supervisor we can
underline that
while money is always a motivating factor
again we see that it does not
have to define us when you see these phrases "while"
these are linking words they usually prepare the reader
that something opposite is going to be the case you see
it does not have to define us
and now the last part
okay so this paragraph
is all about the workplace isn't it?
and what happens now with this economy with this bad economy of ours
nowadays people have lost their jobs
the connection what is the connection? the connection is that people
all find ways to be their own supervisor in this economy
because some of them have lost their jobs but they're not upset or
disappointed they're happy for the opportunity to have some time
to do something else okay let's go to the headings
time for a career change it could be that
honestly but is it the main point?
does this heading define the paragraph as a whole?
I don't think so and in addition we have already
put this heading in the first paragraph where it actually went
money as a motivating factor again we saw that phrase let's go back to the
paragraph to check it out
more carefully
okay we have skimmed through this part but now
we can go if we remember something and read it a little bit more carefully
again it's not the main theme of the paragraph
money is not used as a motivating factor
in this case in this paragraph in order to convey that it is
used this paragraph is used to say that it does not have to define us
money all the time something else is more important
let's go back to the headings economic recession
and workplace well obviously from the beginning until the end of the paragraph
the paragraph talks about
economic recession and what actually happened
in the workplace people have lost their jobs
things have changed they want to be their own boss and stuff like that so
this heading could be it but let's move on new way of thinking new opportunities
the paragraph talks about the opportunity of doing something else but
the overall gist is not about a new way of thinking we're not told about that
nothing about a new way of thinking and new opportunities
as a plural and as a whole no not so much
balance between work and play, no it doesn't say anything about that
lost enjoyment in life again it talked about enjoyment but
quite the opposite actually even people that have lost their jobs
they're not upset or disappointed here do you remember?
so, not this heading here and what about financial security well
the paragraph really doesn't talk about financial security
per se, it is more of the "economic recession and workplace" do you see that now is that clear?
I think it
is really really clear when you do when you follow this strategy
when you do this
when you follow this kind of procedure
ok that's it for today, I hope it helped for questions and comments here
or in Fb, T, G+ all links are down below in the description box
thank you very much for watching good luck with your exam
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IELTS Reading: MATCHING HEADINGS TIPS- english video

823 Folder Collection
Jay Terry Sky published on October 19, 2016
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