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Ladies and people with substitute breast tissue, I got a quick question for you all:
Do we really need bras?
Hey folks, Laci Green here for DNews.
Some French scientist are causing shit storm with a new study they just published, that states " we don't need bras"!
The bras are a lie.
They did a 15-year-study on 330 people and found that
medically, physiologically and anatomically, breasts gain no benefit from having their weight supported.
Now, this isn't exactly a new idea.
Lots of scientists before these guys have said: ok,look, wear bras if you want.
Seriously, whatever, but let's not pretend it's got medical benefits.
It's just a fashion thing.
The French studies found that not only do bras not provide any long-term benefits,
it may actually contribute to breast-sagging.
See, the breast has a bunch of connecting tissue structures, known as Cooper's Ligaments,
which expands the breast on the chest walls.
Since ligaments can atrophy if we don't use them,
the researcher said that constantly wearing bras can speed the breaking down of those ligaments,
and thus cause sagging.
But you know what else breaks down ligaments?
Boobs bouncing everywhere while you are working out.
These things get out of control, which, you don't have a nice slingshot
keep things nice and snug.
It will stress the Cooper ligments.
The researchers also said bee-tee-dubs are sample size
wasn't representatives all the boobs out there.
We need to do a study on closer to 30,000 people to draw any real conclusions.
So like, when you say it wasn't representative, what does that mean exactly?
Was there anybody with large mammary glands in this study?
Because I can totally see how you have small boobs, bras would be really unnecessary and probably annoying.
But if your boobs weigh, you know, 20+ pounds, like the average D-cup, the bra can actually be very convenient.
And I'm also confused as why we need a study on boob saggage to determine whether or not people should wear bras.
In determining of the bra wearing, in my opinion, should be if someone wants to wear a bra.
Don't benefit from wearing a bra? Great! Don't wear one!
I'm not gonna be the booby police.
Seeing bra are comfortable and beneficial?
You rock that bra girl.
The sagness question seems irrelevant because it's gonna happen in regardless of your bra wearing habits..
It's a natural and inevitable process that is also related to genetics, smoking, aging, pregnancy...
Putting all these prevention high around sagging is just gonna make people feel bad about their bodies.
But... that's just my two cents.
What do you all, particularly those of you who wear one think about wearing bras? Do you think it's necessary?
Or do you find it kind of bothersome?
Let me know down below and add our Facebook for more Dnewsness.
I'll see you next time.
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Do We Really Need Bras?

19162 Folder Collection
Hsin published on October 22, 2016    Hsin translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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