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I'm sure you've heard that Samsung Galaxy phones have been having some minor issues.
By minor issues I mean they keep exploding.
And I feel bad. Has anyone here bought one, anybody?
You have, ma'am?
Have you had any problems with it?
No, not any at all, I love it.
I think it's... [SOUND]
Did they send you a replacement of any?
They did, they sent me a backup, it's been wonderful.
- No problems with that one at all. - Oh, that's good.
Yeah, so you're a very loyal customer.
I am, I even have the tablet.
And I've been loving that, I take it everywhere I go.
That's great.
See, this is why we tell you to turn your phones off.
[LAUGH] There's something else I wanna talk about.
My new emoji app, it has hundreds of emojis and we're always adding new ones.
But not all of them make the cut.
I thought I would share some of the rejected ones.
And we can see if we can figure them out,
because they're really clever if you have the app.
And here is the first one.
Let's all try to figure out together.
Does anybody know what that is?
Booty call.
Yes, booty call, that's right.
[APPLAUSE] Booty call.
[APPLAUSE] See, it seems important, and yet it was rejected.
Here's the next one.
[LAUGH] Beet.
Sick Beet.
Sick beet (sick beat)
Yes, sick beat, good one.
Here's another one.
Hmm, this is a tricky... nacho.
[LAUGH] Nacho?
[CROSSTALK] Nacho problem.
[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] Nacho problem.
Nacho problem.
All right, we have time for one more, probably?
[LAUGH] All right.
Now this is a tricky one, cuz it's supposed to look like someone.
I don't think it does look like him.
But who does that look like?
No, Twitch has his own.
Yep, so that's The Rock.
And what's he doing?
He's hitting rock bottom is right.
He's hitting rock bottom. [APPLAUSE]
But if you like any of these, I have good news.
For the first time ever, I'm releasing my rejected emojis in my app Ellen's Emoji Exploji.
You're welcome, America.
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Samsung's Issues Are Heating Up

62122 Folder Collection
dan published on October 25, 2016    dan translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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