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Hi, I’m Tobin with Section 8 Snowsport Institute. We are here on the Hintertux Glacier in Austria
and today I’m going to give you a quick tip on how to improve your short radius turns.
So one of the key skills in short turns is having the ability to turn with the lower
body. By that I mean turning with the legs. Keeping
your hips stable and turning the leg in the hip socket.
A great drill to work on turning with the legs is called javelin turns. I’ll show
you a quick demonstrations here on how to do it.
The trick with a javelin turn is to pick up your inside ski and then steer the outside ski,the
ski that is still on the snow, underneath the ski that you’ve lifted up.
One thing I notice is a lot of people will often try to lift this ski up and twist it
over their outside ski, so rather than doing that, make sure you are steering your outside
ski underneath the one that you’ve lifted up.
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Ski Tips - Javelin's for Short Turns - Advanced Skiing Lesson

187 Folder Collection
alex published on October 10, 2016
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