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  • Chocological

  • Ever since I was young

  • I had a dream that I will be living in a castle

  • Made out of chocolate and cake

  • What a sweet sweet dream it was

  • The walls will be marble chocolate bars

  • The roof will be milk chocolate cigars

  • The pool will be caramel chocolate blizzard

  • Sprinkled with sugar powder

  • Let's make it come true

  • Delicious imagination cannot be wasted

  • Oompa Loompa Doom

  • Sing the magical song while stirring in whipping cream

  • Tempering tempering

  • Vanilla extract certainly adds in aroma

  • Grated heart

  • With that enchanted formula the castle soon will be complete

  • The garden is chocolate gelatin

  • The trees are chocolate apples on sticks

  • The flowers are piña colada syrup

  • Pumped in minty chocolate eggs

  • The couch is dark chocolate macaron

  • The bed is comfy chocolate sponge cake

  • Ding-dong

  • Looks like someone's at the door

  • Hello, how are you

  • Would you like to join

  • Jump down to the slide

  • Banana split with extra bitter chocolate lava

  • Bounce on the playground

  • Exotic açaí juice dipped in condensed chocolate stream

  • Let's make this our secret base

  • When you are with me I forget all of my sorrows

  • Take my heart

  • This is our new home

  • We will live happily ever after

  • Crunch crumble crackle

  • The castle's breaking apart

  • Trembling trembling

  • You're slowly eating up our dreamyard

  • Nibbling nibbling

  • Without hesitation

  • You ate it all

  • My hopes my dreams my castle my imagination

  • You ate it all

  • My tears my sweat my blood my hard work my time my faith my trust

  • You ate our chocolate castle

  • And when you're done you left to search for new delicacy

  • You shred my heart

  • However I am not angry at all 'cause I'm chocological

  • Chocological

  • Chocological


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Chocological - Mili

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    唐成 posted on 2016/10/09
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