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partita without memory

caprice over the break
I wonder when it was that I realized this is a dream.
A long long time ago? Or only a few minutes ago?
Even the answer fades away into the dream...
In this world that I'm not sure if time is flowing or not...
...as I dream about waking up...
So cold...
So heavy...
Welcome home!
Did you get the oden ingredients?
Such a big oden ingredient.
This looks like food to you?
Wow what a big ingredient for oden.
Really we don't need that kind of a gag.
So what's the story behind her?
I was walking she came flailing at me and she fainted.
You're summarizing too much.
I don't understand at all.
But... that's really all there was to it.
In any case we need to wake her up.
It's already dark out and I'm sure her parents must be worried.
You're right.
Hey wake up!
Hey! Time for food!
Who are you people?
That's what we want to know.
She must have been hungry.
Hey now... How about acting a little more reserved?
Don't worry. It makes me happy that she eats a lot.
So who are you?
I actually don't know.
I forgot who I am.
One of those amnesia things.
Kinda cool isn't it?
What'd I get hit for?
Don't tell such an obvious lie.
Answer honestly.
It's the truth!
If you have amnesia then how do you remember me?
Having a grudge against you is the one thing I remember.
But I don't remember anything else.
There are no amnesias that work conveniently like that!
You've got one here so what can you do about it?
I saved that kinchaku for last.
You little! Wait!
No way!
Instead of what you'd expect to find in a girl's wallet it looks like she's been gathering cast offs and using them.
It's my stuff so I can have whatever I want.
Ah pictures.
You don't have friends?
Leave me alone. I took that after I lost my memories.
What drove you to take a picture like this all by yourself?
Because girls about the same age as me were all taking them.
So what do you plan to do now?
Until I get my memory back I'm staying here.
Nayuki go call the police.
Isn't it obvious?
It's the job of the police to take custody of girls without a place to go.
No wait I don't want that.
Police are scary.
Besides you've got a grudge against me right?
Would someone like that really want to stay with a person she hates?
But you're the only clue I have.
Yuuichi is?
I've forgotten many things but there is one thing that I remember.
It came to me the moment I saw his face...
...that I hate him.
What an annoying clue you've got.
What's that for?!
Looking at your face started to make me feel annoyed again.
There's no mistake; you are the one.
Either way we can't let a dangerous person like you stay here!
Negative! Out!
Then let's ask Mom if she can stay here or not.
Wait if you ask her you can just see her approving it.
Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yaaaay~
Look she approved it in one second.
Since Mom says it's all right you can stay here.
If she is with Yuuichi-san she might remember something.
Let's see how it goes for a while.
You can use that room as you wish.
Aren't you happy?
She said I can use it as I wish!
As I wish! As I wish! Yay yay!
Oh boy.
Tomorrow I'll ask the police if there are any notices for a missing girl.
That way we may find out who she is.
I think it's less trouble to just take her there.
Since she doesn't want us to let's not.
She may have a reason too.
Well now that you will be living here we need you to at least remember what your name is.
Yup. Otherwise we don't know what to call you.
Auu~ I can't remember.
Okay then I'll come up with a temporary name for you.
Satsumura Kyouko!
This is your name.
Note: 村 (mura) and 子 (ko) are commonly used in last and first names respectively. 殺 (satsu) means kill and 凶 (kyou) means bad neither are ever used in names.
I don't want that kind of name!
It's perfect for your barbaric character!
I'm not barbaric!
It's not convincing to hear that when you have that evil grin on!
Now now. I'm sure she'll remember it soon.
How can you and Akiko-san be so easygoing?
Just you watch! I'll work on remembering my TOOOOOOOO-TALLY cute name.
The name won't become any cuter by working hard on it.
Will too.
Will not!
Will too!
Will not!
That wasn't enough.
Is there anything I can eat?
Let's see...
These all look like I have to cook them first.
Something! Something! Something! Something! Something! Something!
Something! NO! Something! Something! Something!
Oh shit.
Big oden ingredient.
Enough of that gag.
It's so late; you'll bother the neighborhood.
Auu~ I thought I was gonna die from shock.
I was only hungry.
You were chowing down on all that food!
You even stole my share!
I didn't steal it.
That was just snatching.
It's the same thing!
I'll make you something. Bear with it for a bit.
Why did it turn out like this?
How is it?
It's good.
Eating at this late hour sure feels strange.
An amnesia girl eh?
I don't know the details but she hates you right?
Maybe you had an intimate relationship with her in the past?
I used to come to this city when I was around ten years old.
But it's true I don't remember anything from those days...
Did something happen between us seven years ago?
I'm in trouble. The pace here is faster than my old school's.
I'll show you my notes later.
Snow eh?
Hey Aizawa.
There's a person.
She's been standing there for a while now.
Someone you know?
Yuuichi aren't we going to the cafeteria?
Sorry I'll be right back!
Did she leave?
What are you doing here?
I saw you and since you're not a student I came to check up on you.
Oh I see.
Sorry to trouble you.
But you're a little wrong.
I'm not an outsider.
I'm a student at this school.
Then why were you standing here during the class?
I'm absent for the day.
You mean you're ditching class?
I'm not ditching class.
I'm not in good health so I've been absent from school for a while.
I have never been very strong physically
and recently it's been getting worse.
I'm not sure if it's right for me to ask such a question but what sickness do you have?
It's... a cold.
I caught a fever.
It's been carrying on for some time now.
What's the matter?
No I was expecting a much more complicated name to come out.
In that case acute nasopharyngitis.
It's the same thing.
Today I snuck out to meet someone.
I'll be scolded if people find me at school when I'm supposed to be absent.
You're meeting that person here?
No I actually do not know much about that person either.
I do not know the person's name year or class.
You've met the person before though right?
Yes I have.
What kind of person is it? A guy? A girl?
That's a secret.
You've got a common cold right? Shouldn't you be in bed?
No. From all the rest I got I'm feeling well today.
"All the rest" you say but it was winter break until the day before yesterday.
Plus you were out shopping yesterday as well.
Come to think of it that's true.
I'll go home now.
Weren't you going to meet someone?
It is all right today.
I'm sorry to make you attend to me.
Really. Thanks to you I haven't had lunch yet.
I do not like people who say things like that.
Now excuse me.
Yeah take care.
I'm Aizawa Yuuichi!
My name is Shiori!
What about your last name?
Looks like the snow's stopped.
You liar.
You're so mean Yuuichi.
I had something complicated come up.
I was waiting the whole time.
You could have eaten with Kaori and Kitagawa.
I'm really sorry; I'll treat you to something next time.
Nothing expensive.
Like sushi or sushi or sushi.
What should I ask for?
Ahaha~ You're the person we bumped into yesterday right?
Did anywhere start hurting after that?
No I'm fine.
We were fine too.
Right Mai?
Excuse us.
Mai do you want to stop by somewhere?
I'm going home.
I have to return a book to the library.
Then I'll follow.
They stand out.
She's a senior Kurata Sayuri-san.
She's very smart.
The other person is Kawasumi Mai-san.
Kurata Sayuri and Kawasumi Mai eh?
I'll head to practice now.
Yeah good luck with it.
I knew it was you!
I'm so happy.
Stop laughing.
Get off!
Uguu~ Yuuichi-kun threw me away.
Please. Make a normal entrance for once.
It is normal.
And you said "I knew!" didn't you?
In other words you attacked without being entirely sure it was me?
I didn't attack you; I only grabbed onto you.
It's the same thing.
Uguu~ You copied me again!
You meanie.
Fine I lose.
Looks like I wasn't good enough to use it.
"Uguu~" is reserved for you.
Are you seriously angry?
Of course I am!
It's so good!
I hope Nayuki will forgive me with something like taiyaki too.
What were you doing today?
Were you casing the grounds before committing your next crime?
I have an important objective.
What is it?
Searching for my lost thing.
Didn't you just think of that just now?
No not at all.
I lost something that's important to me so I'm searching for that.
Something really important to me.
What did you drop your wallet or something?
No what I dropped is-
I can't remember.
What's going on? I can't remember what I dropped.
What are you saying?
It's important to me.
It's supposed to be important to me.
I need to find it soon too.
But I can't remember...
What should I do?
Calm down. Isn't it just one of those moments when you go blank?
I have to look for it!
Even if you do look you don't know what you're looking for right?
But I'll remember it when I see it.
I'm sure!
So I'll look for it!
You don't know when you dropped it?
No. I don't remember when and where I dropped it at all.
I don't know what it is but it really is important to me.
I know I'm saying something strange but...
Anyways let's go around to the places that you go to a lot.
I'll look for it with you.
Yep. Thank you Yuuichi-kun.
You found it?
It's a new menu!
Hey now!
Uguu~ But it surprised me.
There are so many more new kinds out I never noticed before.
Let's move on. Next place!
What about here?
It doesn't look like it.
How about here?
So the next place is the last stop.
Yep. There should be a cake store around this corner.
Places you go to often are all food related.
Leave me alone.
I don't see any cake store.
That's strange.
There was a cake store here the last time I came.
Then the store must have changed recently.
So do you see your important thing?
But I'm sure I'll find it if I keep looking for it.
I get that feeling.
I see.
Thank you for today Yuuichi-kun.
Oh yeah Ayu.
If you have a cell can you give me your number?
What's cell?
Is that a serious question?
It's a cell phone.
Is a cell phone a relative of a telephone?
Well something like that.
I see. I learned something new.
I've got to go now.
Bye Yuuichi-kun!
A girl without memories
Ayu who can't remember what she dropped
and me who doesn't remember anything from seven years ago.
Is there a magic that causes amnesia in this city?
I'm home.
That hurt. Why didn't you get out of the way?
You're the one that ran into me.
You make no sense.
That's you!
Welcome home. It's pretty late already.
Yuuichi-san. She remembered what her name is.
Yes. Makoto.
Sawatari Makoto.
Isn't it a nice name?
Sawatari Makoto?
Yeah you hate to admit it since it's such a cute name right?
It's a guy's name.
It's cute.
Makoto said "Makoto" is cute so it's cute.
I'm glad I don't have a funny name like "Yuuichi".
Mine's normal.
We'll call you Makoto from now on then.
Nice to meet you Makoto.
The bath should be ready soon.
Who's going to get in first?
Yes! Makoto goes first!
Stop being so shameless when you're a freeloader here.
You're a freeloader here too.
I'm family!
Why are you so special?
Besides how can you talk like that after I've taken care of you so much?
Nobody's been taken care of by you.
How dare you!
I bet you came to take revenge and failed again.
Just you watch!
I don't want to be at home.
Uguu~ I bumped into you again.
Come down. I'll introduce her.
Do you want one? A taiyaki.
See ya.
It's not "see ya".
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Kanon - Episode 3, Japanese Version, Sub (Full HD)

1589 Folder Collection
freely published on October 7, 2016
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