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Hey you! My name is Thomas "TomSka" Ridgewell.
I'm a twenty-something British comedy person
and welcome to my YouTube channel!
Hey, guys! Check out my new camera! [gunshot]
Oh, wait, this isn't a camera.
On my channel, you'll find the three loves of my life.
First, we have action.
'Cus I really like guns.
and lasers.
and sunglasses.
Then we have sketch comedy.
'Cus...this is a comedy channel. With jokes and stuff.
I'm not gay!
Really, really high brow jokes.
[fart] Thank you!
Finally, and the reason you probably found this channel,
We have cartoons!
Mainly my series asdfmovie. Or A-S-D-F-movie.
Pronounce it however you want, I just don't care anymore.
Everybody to the flop!
But there's also other stuff too.
That's hilarious.
So if that sounds like your kind of thing then subscribe and stick around for more!
I upload my videos on Fridays...mostly.
Sometimes I get distracted by video games...aaaahh...
Click here, here or here to check out my action, comedy or cartoons playlists.
Go on a magical adventure!
Sometimes I try new things and most of the time they work.
So please don't freak out and unsubscribe if you see something weird and confusing.
You can handle it. I believe in you.
Until next time! TomSka Out.
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Tomska - 自我介紹(Welcome to TomSka)中英字幕

2776 Folder Collection
林廷杰 published on October 7, 2016
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