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  • (fast drumbeat)

  • - Homeland had a huge following in Pakistan,

  • and it started amongst the people who watch American shows.

  • It had an audience in Pakistan,

  • which it pissed off immensely with this season.

  • (fast percussion music)

  • You think that you're gonna mix in the crowd

  • by covering your head?

  • What about your suit you're wearing?

  • Seriously? So you can wear pants and a shirt

  • and nobody will notice because you got your head covered?

  • I mean, Hillary Clinton comes in

  • and she never covers her head.

  • All the people who work with the USAID

  • and the State Department who roam around and who go to cafes

  • and eat around and dine around and party

  • and have a good time in Pakistan,

  • they don't cover their head.

  • (fast drumbeat)

  • Isn't this the same guy from life of Pi?

  • He's the nephew of Husain Haqqani.

  • Is that what it just said?

  • That he's the nephew of Husain Haqqani?

  • They've actually used the name of our ambassador

  • to the U.S. as the name of the terrorist.

  • Oh, oh wow. If anybody has seen Homeland,

  • and for them the big terrorist guy they're trying

  • to get to is Husain Haqqani,

  • so when they meet the ambassador, they think,

  • "Oh, the terrorist from Homeland!"

  • They could not find any name amongst hundreds

  • of millions of names, that you have

  • to use Husain Haqqani's name for this?

  • It's like trying to show a white supremist racist

  • in Pakistan and calling him Bill Clinton or George Bush.

  • So whenever you think of the American president,

  • you think of a racist white man.

  • (fast drumbeat)

  • At least they got the flag right, the Pakistan flag.

  • Americans have more security in Pakistan

  • than an average Pakistani.

  • It's a bomb-proof car, by the way, they're traveling in.

  • You can't just break and shatter glass like that.

  • This adds into this whole security paranoia of America.

  • (fast percussion music)

  • which would mean "Houses of Islam," but not a guest house.

  • A guest house would be a saraaha, or just a guest house.

  • Did they use Google Translate for this, by the way?

  • Quite a few Pakistani-origin Americans are teaching

  • in universities, in Ivy League universities in America

  • who know Urdu, who they could have referred to.

  • (fast drumbeat)

  • Islamabad is not even densely populated as they show

  • in this area, the streets are not like that.

  • The people don't even dress like that.

  • The people don't even look like that.

  • (fast percussion music)

  • They've got Arab actors playing as Pakistanis.

  • Pakistanis are Indo-Aryan, they're a whole different race.

  • Pakistanis are not Arabs, that's a different race.

  • Yes, we come under the category of brown,

  • but Hispanics also come under the category of brown.

  • So, Hispanic, Arabs, Indo-Aryans.

  • They are perpetuating racism,

  • they're perpetuating the notion that Pakistan

  • is an extremist nation.

  • (fast percussion music)

  • To the producers of Homeland, Pakistan is a country

  • of 200 million people.

  • We represent 4% of the world's population.

  • We have more than 15 ethnicities.

  • We speak more than 20 languages, and to reduce us

  • to an acronym, is that the world you want to give?

  • We are your biggest ally in the war on terror.

  • I'm setting up an online network

  • called

  • Because you don't actually learn about Pakistan

  • from Homeland, but you'll learn

  • about Pakistan from Pakistanis.

(fast drumbeat)

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