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What's up guys, it's Jeffrey
How is everybody doing?
Not sure if I ever told you this but I have an older sister
And for as long as I can remember
I feel that I have been nothing but an amazing protective little brother
About that....
OK sometimes I do pick on my sister but the only reason is because
since forever my parents would constantly compare me to her
Jeffrey can you just get better grades like your sister?
Jeffery why can't you be more mature like your sister?
Jeffrey just...*sighs* just be your sister
Yeah and she is not even humble about it either
So now my sister thinks she is smarter than me
and started to act like my second mom
Like no thank you and I am pretty sure I don't need an additional person trying to speed up my aging process.
Especially not my sister
Ah~ I am so happy that I can finally afford my own lipstick now that I have my first job.
You know...you should really start to pay for your own stuff too
Get a job dude
I'm only twelve
You see what I mean
You think that with growing up my sister would tone down
with the whole authority thing, start letting me have my own privacy
nope, it's still something we're working on
Yo! I have to pee
Look I have already seen you naked when you were
a little kid, you have nothing impressive to show (LOL)
*pulls up pants, leaves without peeing*
and then my sister dare goes and say that I'm spoiled by our parents
what, me spoiled, I don't see it
*exaggerated screaming*
Heart is hitting me
Heart, stop bullying your brother
You're grounded
I may have lacked a bit of attention growing up
but you can't blame me either
Plus I'm not the only one
My sister nags about her insecurities all the time
Ugh~Jeffrey I feel fat I mean super fat these days
Just workout
What ?
Fine. I may be a little harsh on my sister sometimes
but for some reason as the brother I find it weird
to compliment my sister in any way
and besides, I do sometimes try to be nice
but it's like she never sees through my good intentions
Hey I am going to the gym, wanna come workout
with me?
You see not my fault she's lazy
Anyway as much as my sister can get annoying
I think it's really important to love and respect your sibling
because at the end of the day no one can give you
that love, respect and honesty as much as your family
Let me know in the comments down below if you also have any siblings
or if you are an only child
Thank you guys so much for watching.
This is JefrreyFever and I am pressing the record button
What the hell
I told you to do the laundry earlier
I know I'll do it later
Can you just let me film my video right now
I don't care
Just do your chores correctly next time
That's it!
I'm so fat
Tell me I'm not fat
Ok..I'm sorry
Why are you laughing?
One fell one fell
oh..I'm so sorry
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Having a Sister

49124 Folder Collection
Ngọc Vân published on July 11, 2017    Nana Chen translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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