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- Oh my god.
Holy (beep).
- Korean face masks,
my girlfriend loves these,
and honestly they just look terrifying on her.
- I know nothing about Korean skin care.
- I've seen some K-pop stars
and they look very smooth?
- Apparently, this stuff is like miraculous.
- Snail spit is a thing.
- I'm ready to look flawless.
- [Steven] Alright, butterfly eyes.
Perfect for my problem area.
- Okay, so brightens me up.
I'm ready to be brightened.
- Get a first, first a nice whiff.
- Slimy in there. Eww.
- Just keeping these up.
Hideaway like a little ghost.
- Oh, I feel like a Luby superhero.
- Yeah, this just feels like there's a used condom
on my face, not that I would know
what that feels like.
- I feel my skin is like drinking water.
- I'm hoping this makes my skin tighter.
- It's just, like, not the best looking thing,
but it feels great.
I'm going to be a tiger.
- You know, I don't get pampered enough,
so this is perfect.
- This is horrifying.
This is horrifying.
- The fuck, is this a fruit roll up?
- Beauty, here I come!
- Oh, I feel so good!
- Oh, it's so cold!
- Wait, let me see myself.
Okay I've got to take this off.
- Jesus Christ.
- My roommate will wear these
and she'll come out of her room and she'll be like,
hi, how's it going,
and I'll be like, oh my god.
- You remember that movie, The Mask, with Jim Carey?
That was based of the horrifying
true story of this mask.
- If this were just my dating profile,
just me out in the woods, sort of like,
- I'm wearing the skin of somebody I murdered.
- I actually want to look like this all the time.
Now I understand what furries are all about.
Milky Piggy Bubble Mask,
already a big fan of the milky piggy.
- I don't know how I feel about that texture.
- Aw man, I'm all captain crunchy and shit.
- Oh, it's itchy!
- Okay, I see you, Steven.
- Who's a milky piggy?
Me, me, me.
- Is it moving?
Oh my god, it's pop rocking on my face.
- God, it's all puffy.
It's all puffing up.
- This is so grotesque.
- Oh my god, I do look like Squidward.
- It's burning a little more than the other ones.
- It's like, tighter boning my face.
Make it stop!
Make it stop!
- There are tiny little elves just blowing on my face,
just like-
- I quit.
- You know, I had a great time with this.
- That was fun.
- My skin does feel less oily.
- No, it feels really good.
Steven probably pooped his pants
and couldn't handle it,
but that's okay.
- I'm going to go buy some of these and join my girlfriend.
- I don't want to see that in the mirror ever again.
Out behind a corner you see me jump out,
like I'm here, too.
That'd be a happy sight for anyone.
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Americans Try Korean Face Masks

10085 Folder Collection
kath_chaste published on December 26, 2016    Mandy Lin translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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