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What’s up guys, it’s Jeffrey. So I have a confession to make
A few weeks ago, I met this pretty cool girl and
I thought she was really sweet and everything but...
There’s just this big problem
[KPop music] Omg they are sooo hot!
I just want to marry him, him, him, him and him!
[KPop music]
Yeah, she loves with KPop stars more than she’ll ever love me
If you don’t know what K-Pop is,
it’s kinda like American Pop music but euhhh...
Oh but that’s what they want you to think!
I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had a grudge against K-Pop
for a while now and refused to look into it because…
Okay fine!
But can you blame me?
Because EVERY TIME I ask about it, it’s always
Oh, K-Pop?
Yeah What’s so cool about it?
So It’s these Asian guys
And they’re really good looking
Aghhh they have nice hair
And euhhh, yeah, it's...
It’s almost like you But SO MUCH BETTER!
like they can sing, dance and before they…
[ECHO] It’s almost like you but SO MUCH BETTER
Does that mean I’m friend zoned again?
Recently I learned that KPop…
[Exhale] Is so much more than just
“Good looking Asians that can sing and dance” Like before Kpop singers can even
start to release music to the public, they have to through tons of auditions,
train for years and years often away from their family
They have to go through diets, side jobs, vocal and dancing training
day in and day out without a single break That’s years of hard work and all that…
Without knowing if they’ll ever even be successful
Wow, that’s harsh!
Now I understand why people would be so dedicated to
supporting them so much KPop fans are so loyal and committed.
It’s almost like... like they’re an…
Keep your Eyes on target. Roger
Got it on lock.
Target at 9 o’ clock. Roger
I’m in position. Roger
We got 7 more seconds…
Let’s do this!
Make’ em Whistle like a missile
3... 2... 1...
Attack! BOOMBAYAH! Attack!
Is it out!? Is it out!?
Yes! The new music video is out!
Click it!
[Mouse Click]
Hubby is so sexy!
Oh My God, He is so cute!
That was literally just a 10 second Music Video trailer…
Jeffrey, SHUT UP!
Replay it! Yup, on it! Yeah go, go, go, go!
You see?
Their fans are savage
I’ve even seen some fans say things that
I never thought I’d hear a human being would ever say
Aha K-Pop TRASH?
Ha nah, don’t say that That’s ridiculous why would you...
Aha no it’s true Like when my favourite group releases new music
I turn into complete TRASH
AHAHA shut up that’s ridiculous...
[Trash] I told ya...
Yeah I think it means they have an unhealthy obsession
Another thing I learned is that when you have a favourite member in a
Kpop group, you’d call that person, your BIAS
So for example, if my dad and I were to form a duo,
I would be your bias [Photos Pop in]
Wait what!?
Ok nevermind…
Eum, as I was saying, your bias of a group would be THE member
you would be the most faithful too and cherish no matter what...
WAIT! That’s it!
I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner
I Should start... my own fandom!
Alright guys!
Mark this day and listen up because from here on out, we’ll be calling ourselves...
[Crickets Sound]
No one?
Huh, maybe I gotta do something worthy first
Let’s see...
Ahhh I mean I have this one thing I’ve been practicing
but I don’t think...
Nahhh I don’t think it would
Woah! What... Just happened?
Wait was I wearing Pink?
Actually, y’know what?
BLACKPINK is pretty sexy
Don’t judge me…
Huh! Looks like
Now I’m just missing my own song to lip-sync to!
I mean I did write this new song recently but…
It’s so embarrassing cause it’s about this girl and...
Y’know what? SCREW IT!
So what if she hears it?
I dont care anymore.
I shouldn’t be ashamed!
[Baby Cry]
That felt pretty good!
I guess now All that’s really left to do
is call up somebody that can produce my first track
But who can I call?
I know exactly which producer can help me out
Let me call up the homie!
[Phone dialing]
Hello, OppaFever speaking. Who's this?
Yo! It’s your boy Jeffrey!
Jeffrey who?
Aha it’s JeffreyFever!
JeffreyFever? Doesn’t ring a bell...
Aha Right... Any…
Anyways I was thinking of debuting my solo music career
and wanted to ask if you could help produce my first single
I’m actually currently working with a V.I.P.
So euhhhhh...
Sorry can't help man —
Anyways, I gotta go euhhhh
Wait but…
Good luck
Who the hell could be that important?
Who was that?
Oh just this... starving artist
Not important
Alright well let’s get this solo music debut started huh?
What do you say?
Pfff whatever
I guess I can’t be a pop star right now
And fine After looking into K-Pop
It is pretty cool I admit it
Tell me in the comments down below
What you think about K-Pop
Anyways, thank you guys so much for watching I’ll see you all very soon
This is JeffreyFever and I’m pressing the record button, NOW!
What is this feeling?
[Cough] Am I sick?
No… I’m starting to feel so much power all’ a sudden
It’s like…
It’s like I’m…
“JEFFREAKS - Spread the Fever”
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Discovering K-POP

14410 Folder Collection
connection published on November 28, 2016    Penny Lee translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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