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So I've taken my mum to Korea, and she's currently taking a photo of me vlogging
'Cause that's what she wanted to do
Fun fact: Narita Airport is actually in the middle of Chiba, an hour by train from Tokyo Station
First rule of travelling: Know where the heck you're going
We went to the wrong terminal, but we're rectifying that mistake right now
Mum: That one?
M: That's 1011 yen
The second rule of travelling: Expect the unexpected
Some things are gonna go wrong
The flight from Narita to Incheon is only about two hours and twenty minutes long
But it gets a bit longer if you're stuck waiting for takeoff for an extra thirty minutes...
We made it~
Now we need to hop on another train from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station, that's another hour
The third rule of travelling: Don't sweat the small stuff -Have fun
We decided to hit up Myeong-Dong because it's full of important stuff
Like makeup and ice cream...
...and food...
Korean street of the day
M: Hyaluronic acid mask
M: Can you tell us where Missha is, please?
Woman: Missha?
M: Yes
Woman: There are very many Missha in Myeong-Dong
The closest one
Woman: The closest one, can you see this street? Right next to it, it's right there
Thank you
M: Oh, we're really close, thank you
We just got a mountain of samples from Missha
So if I was a kid, would you let me have one of those?
M: Yeah
M: They cost two dollars, yeah
I think Mums ready for lunch
Shop Keeper: Four pieces, three thousand
Do you want four of those?
M: Can I just have one piece for one thousand?
M: I just want to try it
M: Yum
Is it good?
Today we've come to Myeong-dong to do some shopping, which is a very dangerous place for me to be right now
I might spend all my money
We've already picked up some stuff from Holika Holika and Missha
and now we're having lunch
Found a place selling vegetable kimbap on the street
Shop Keeper: All vegetable
It's really good
I found you~
Ok, Mums getting converted
Ok, there's a place that does mega, huge ice cream, and my mum is going to buy one and force me to eat it
Ok, she's already bitten into it, guys
M: Mango yoghurt, it's yummy
Mango yoghurt ice cream
M: It's melting
That's the top of it, and it just keeps going
Time to try this monstrosity
Not bad
M: It's nice, I thought it was good
It's kind of good actually (laughs)
Time to head back to Tokyo
And guess what guys - we went to the right terminal this time
Ok, my mums leaving to go back
Back to New Zealand
I'm gonna head home, and just try not to cry
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1497 Folder Collection
Voice published on October 3, 2016
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