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Hey guys! So in today's video
I'm going to show you what's in my baggage!
This has been a highly requested video and I'm very excited to show you all.
So. Perfect. Let's start with the basics. I like to have my anxiety, insecurity, and jealousy all in one place for compact travel.
It's just so much easier if all of the complementary baggage is accessible in one!
Oh! No girl can ever leave the house without her rage. I like to bring a ton of different anger sources with me.
Whether it's external irritations, internal worrying, traumatic incidents from the past, or even just a memory or two that makes me feel embarrassed or ashamed.
Ah. Ah! This is my absolute essential.
My depression. I cannot go anywhere without my depression.
Fun fact about my depression (it's actually vintage!) it was my mom's and then she got it from her mom
who got it from her mom who got it from hers.
Oh! Self doubt is my favorite thing to bring when I go outside!
Because every girl has to be her own worst critic!
"You're so stupid. Everyone thinks that you suck."
You too, Honey!
And of course, it's pretty deep in here
but my abandonment issues are in every relationship
friends, family, lovers especially
now, not everyone needs abandonment issues. You have to find the issues that work for you.
Whether it's Daddy Issues, Trust Issues, or just plain addictions.
I actually got my abandonment issues from fighting with my little sister and telling her that I hated her and then she went off and killed herself.
So now I believe that if I upset anyone and they leave they're going to go take their own life.
Remember guys, though you know something on an intellectual level, doesn't mean it will register emotionally.
Oh no!
No, it will come back.
It's fine. She'll be back.
It's okay. It's okay.
*gasping for air*
Anyway! Thanks so much for tuning into today's episode. Let me know what essential emotional baggage you bring with you on a day out.
I'm Anna Akana. Stay awesome Gotham.
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What's In My Baggage?

27094 Folder Collection
Kristi published on July 26, 2017    Chris Shao translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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