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Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today I have a very special guest, it’s Madilyn!
Madilyn: Hey!
Ro: You guys may know this face, and if you don’t know this face, I’m gonna
Ro: put a link down below, to her channel, she’s a very talented music artist.
Madilyn: Oh, thank you!
Ro: And, I love her music, and this is a really random
Ro: quick story, but, when I was in France, cooking in Julia Child’s Kitchen, we were
Ro: driving around France and you came on the radio.
Madilyn: That’s crazy!
Ro: I heard your voice on the radio and I was like huuuhhh! I’m so excited for her.
Madilyn: Oh thank you so much!
Ro: Just recently her new song came out, Wiser,
Ro: I love that!
I was in the lyric video, you can spot me and this little one,
Ro: and, we’re in it for a second!
Ro: And, what else is going on with you? You got an EP now right?
Madilyn: Yes, I just dropped my debut, original album.
Madilyn: After 7 years of covering other artists songs,
Madilyn: I finally get to release songs that I’ve written and it’s really amazing.
Madilyn: I’m super excited about it! Ro: I’m excited for you!
Ro: I’m putting all the links down here.
Ro: Today we are gonna be making 2 videos, 1 here, and then 1 on her channel.
Ro: We’re gonna be playing the whisper challenge on your channel.
Ro: On this channel we’re gonna be playing the singing gargling game, because I got
Ro: a lot of requests to do this weird game and I thought, who better than to
Ro: bring a really good singer. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the
Ro: sing gargle challenge, it is very, very simple. We have 10 songs, written on
Ro: cards in this little bowl. We don’t know what they are, because my sister picked
Ro: them out for us. We’re each gonna be singing 5 songs apiece, while gargling water,
Ro: and the other person will have to try to guess. If we get it right, we get a
Ro: point, so the goal is to try to get 10 points.
Ro: To determine who's gonna gargle first we’re going to do rock, paper, scissors.
Ro: Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
Ro: Oh!
Ro: Choose the first song, I’m not looking! And if you don’t know the song it’s my
Ro: sister’s fault, because she picked these out.
Ro: And don’t show it to Cookie, because she’ll tell me!
Madilyn: I’ve never sang with water in my mouth….
Madilyn: (Gargles)
Madilyn: Is this possible?
Madilyn: (Gargles) Ro: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Aretha Franklin, Respect!
Madilyn: That is so hard!
Ro: Now it’s my turn, don’t look, don’t look, don’t look!
Ro: This is a good song!
Ro: (Gargles)
Ro: It tickles!
Ro: (Gargles)
Ro: Do you know what it is?
Madilyn: I think Cookie and I are equally confused!
Ro: (Gargles) Madilyn: Oh, Hakuna Matata!
Ro: (Gargles)
Ro: Yes!
Madilyn: That was so good! You’re really, you’re really good at this! Ro: This is really hard!
Madilyn: You’re really good at it.
Ro: I’m really good at choking on water.
Ro: Now your turn.
Madilyn: You are significantly better at this game than I am! Ro: No, no, no!
Madilyn: I think I can handle this.
Madilyn: (Gargles)
Ro: To you, Happy Birthday!
Madilyn: That takes a lot of concentration! Seriously! Ro: Yeah!
Ro: Next one! Oh my gosh, remember this?
Ro: (Gargles)
Madilyn: Barbie girl!
Ro: Yes!
Madilyn: I wanted to let you keep going though!
Madilyn: OK, whew…. Ro: OK, I’m not looking, I’m not looking!
Madilyn: Why do I get scared every time I reach in there!
Madilyn: (Gargles)
Ro: Dun-dun-da-dun-dun, dun-dun-da-dun-dun, Under the sea!
Madilyn: Yes!
Ro: Da-dun-dun-da-da-da-dun-dun!
Ro: OK, that was a good one! Madilyn: Perfect, that was a good one.
Madilyn: I’m starting to master the art of gargling while singing.
Ro: Some people are so good at this and then I just feel like I spit all over myself.
Ro: We’re killing this game, OK!
Ro: Oh my gosh, this is a classic!
Ro: Come on Ro, you got it.
Ro: I have too much, too much water!
Ro: (Gargles)
Ro: Wait, let me act it out for you!
Ro: (Gargles)
Ro: (Gargles)
Madilyn: I don’t think I’m gonna get this one…
Ro: You want to read what it was supposed to be?
Madilyn: You’re the one that I want, Grease. Oh! I get it! I can hear it now, you did a good job!
Ro: It was muffled by the sound of drowning.
Ro: That’s OK! 9 out of 10 ain’t bad! Madilyn: No, it's not! Ro: OK, your turn!
Madilyn: OK, cool.
Madilyn: OK, cool. Ro: Oh wait, wait, I can't look!
Madilyn: (Gargles)
Ro: So call me maybe.
Madilyn: Yeah! Ro: Is that the name of the song? Madilyn: Yep.
Ro: See, you’re good at this, I’m the only one that has failed us!
Ro: Song number 8, here we go! OK….
Ro: (Gargles)
Ro: Hold on, I got it, wait!
Ro: Pfffft! I’m so sorry!
Ro: (Gargles)
Madilyn: Oh Firework!
Madilyn: Yes! Ro: Oh yeah, oh yeah! Really hit those high notes!
Ro: (Gargles)
Ro: I just love that song!
Ro: If you could minus the spit-up, gargling is really fun!
Ro: Choose your song!
Madilyn: My anxiety level like literally raises every time I touch this bowl!
Madilyn: Oh my gosh!
Madilyn: (Gargles)
Ro: Hello! Oh my gosh!
Ro: Alright, this is the last one.
Madilyn: Yes, you have the last one.
Ro: So, if we get this right, so, if we get this right, we get 9 points.
Ro: 9 out of 10, that is really, really good.That’s an A+!
Ro: I will do anything, I will act this out!
Ro: Oh, yes!
Ro: (Gargles)
Madilyn: It's Jingle Bells, right? Ro: Mmmmhmmm.
Madilyn: OK, good!
Ro: Girl, we’re doing good at this, so I’m just gonna, let’s do one for a bonus round,
Ro: just for fun, for us! I’m gonna serenade you, you usually serenade me when I
Ro: listen to all your music, but today girl, I’m gonna serenade you…
Ro: With this beautiful gargle voice, here we go!
Ro: (Gargles)
Madilyn: (Gargles)
Both: (Gargling)
Ro: Yes!
Madilyn: That was so good!
Ro: Alright, that does it for the gargle challenge, a big thank you to you guys
Ro: for suggesting this weird game.
Madilyn: Yeah.
Ro: This was a first for me, I’ve never done this! Madilyn: Me neither.
Ro: And, a big thank you to my girl for
Ro: helping me out, because, she’s an expert with singing. I don’t know if I would
Ro: have gotten through this without her.
Ro: I’ll be putting all of her links down below, go check ‘em out. And I’m also gonna
Ro: be putting a link to the other challenge that we did on her channel…
Ro: It’s the whisper challenge!
Ro: And if you guys want to see any other Challenge games we played in the past,
Ro: you can click up here…
Madilyn: Or up here.
Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye!
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426 Folder Collection
Fang Yi Lin published on October 2, 2016
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