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What a cute couple
J: Hey
To say "good morning" would be a lie
It is like four in the afternoon
And we are going to the movies!
I haven't been to the cinema in so long
It feels like so long... When did we last go, Duncan?
D: Star Wars
Star Wars, that was so good too
And guess what guys, I get to go to the cinema with Joey and Duncan
Polyamory for the wi-
I think Duncans lost again
D: It's like going on a date with me
But I was going on a date with you
D: ...Uh, yeah, sure...
He doesn't want to talk because the camera battery is flashing
I thought we were going on a date with Joey
D: Yeah, it's a three... date
D: ...date
D: What was that thing you were saying? Polil.. Poli...
D: Does that have something to do with me and Joey kissing?
C-could do... could do, yeah
D: Okay
I think we could get a thumbs up for that
Joeys talking to someone
The film that we're going to see is called 'Kimi no Na wa' (君の名は)
which is 'Your Name' in English, I think
And I'm really excited to see it 'cause the animation looks really beautiful
We're here
Oh, there's a line
Waiting in a line~
We are still in a line
Guess how many movies are showing here
Just one
D: One! (Count Von Count Laugh)
Subway... it's been a long time, hasn't it?
D: Yeah
So we had some Subway for dinner, and now we're about to go in and see the movie
And I'm gonna eat lots of popcorn, it's gonna be great
And it's time for the movie
We just got out of the movie and my tripod broke
Guys, this is my month, this month has been so amazing
The movie was amazing
I thought that the art was superb, and the animation...
I haven't seen anything like that before actually
J: All of his films are like that
Really? I need to see more
D: All of the locations were like...
J: Yeah, yeah, his other films are some of the best looking animation I've ever seen
The animation was incredible, and the time lapses! Who would even think to do that?
It was so great!
J: Only Shinkai Makoto would do animation time lapses
J: And they look amazing
It blew my mind actually, it was just aesthetic as f-
D: All the places were so accurate too, like there was Tokyo and it was like
D: "Oh, I've been there!"
It looked like a photograph
J: Yeah, yeah!
It looked like a photograph
They'd obviously had a lot of photo references for everything
J: Oh yeah, absolutely
J: It was pretty accurate to real life Tokyo
Oh yeah, and the Inaka stuff too, it really brought me back to when I used to live in Inaka
And it was so beautiful, oh my God...
Totally recommend it
D: Thumbs up... wait, did you say what the name of the movie was?
Oh, it's called 'Your Name', 'Kimi no Nawa'
Who was waiting for us? You were~
Looks like you were asleep
D: And still are
Why didn't you come to greet us, Latte?
She's sleeping soundly...
Sleeping soundly, hey?
D: Aww...
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706 Folder Collection
Voice published on October 2, 2016
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